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Why Does My Dog Sleep So Much?

Paisley Hansen Sep 28, 2019
Every dog owner would like to see their dog healthy, vibrant, happy and full of energy. This is not always the case because a sleepy dog may be prone to lethargy. When a dog is lacking energy and does not seem to be happy, it may be a symptom of some type of health issue. The responsible dog owner will need to discover the cause of the lack-of-energy.Why Doe

Gaining an Understanding of the Sleepy Dog

It is always wise to seek the help of a professional in order to get to the bottom of the issue. It is important to monitor any symptoms your dog may have in order to gain a better understanding of your sleepy dog. A watchful eye along with keen observations will shed more light on the sleepy dog issue.

Signs and Symptoms to be Informed About

A sleepy dog is known as a lethargic dog. Any dog owner who notices their dog displaying symptoms of lethargy will need to document the signs and symptoms for their veterinarian. The vet will be able to obtain a clear overview and determine what is causing the issue.

List of Common Symptoms

  • Any unusual fevers
  • Change in their appetite
  • A noticeable change in their breathing
  • Various aches and pains
  • Changes in their usual behavior
  • Any type of confusion or disorientation

Some Common Causes for Low Energy

The symptoms of lethargy in a dog may concern and worry any pet owner. Sometimes a dog may eat something that doesn't agree with them. If your dog is on medication, it could be a reaction that is causing the concern.
Sometimes anemia and poor diet is the reason for a lack-of-energy in a dog. Heart conditions or cancer can be at the root of lethargy in a dog.

Tracking Activity Level

As a dog ages, they tend to lose their energy and are less apt to live their life on a full energy throttle basis.
A daily walk, more attention and added nutrition may hit the spot and perk up a dog. When did it first start to be noticeable? It will be important to keep track of how long your dog has been sleepy.