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What Is Your Pet Really Thinking?

Paisley Hansen Nov 14, 2019
Many pet owners often wonder what goes through their pet's mind throughout the day. This can be especially true if their pet is ever exhibiting new or unusual behaviors. While your pet behaving a little differently from day to day may not mean anything significant, it can also be a sign that something else is going on.

Pets Can Get Lonely

While you may not think it's an issue to leave your pet home alone, and much of the time it may not be, there is information to support the idea that pets can get lonely. So, if you ever find yourself asking do dogs get lonely, the answer may be yes, and that goes for cats too.

What Are the Signs of Pet Loneliness?

Different animals may exhibit loneliness in different ways, but there can be some distinct signals that they aren't getting the amount of attention that they would like. Clinginess is one example. If your pet won't leave your side once you get home, it could be because they are beginning to feel isolated.

Differences Between Cats and Dogs

While some behaviors are common to both cats and dogs, there are others that are more specific to each animal. Because dogs are pack animals, they may tend to show signs of loneliness sooner than a cat might. Feeling as if they are part of a connected group, may be more important to them, so they may show signs of loneliness after even just a few hours.

Ways to Help Your Pet Feel Less Alone

Even though it may not always be possible to spend extra time with your pet, there are some things you can do to help them feel better. One way to do this is by providing them with plenty of toys. Having things to play with can help distract them and keep them busy while they are waiting for you to come home.

The Bottom Line

While cats and dogs may be different and require differing levels of attention, they both have the potential to become lonely if they don't get to spend enough time with their loved ones. There can be many different signals that your pet puts out to let you know how they are feeling. It can be beneficial to learn about some of these ways for your pet.