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6 Ways to Strengthen the Bond With Your Dog

Yohan Adrianwalla Mar 19, 2020
The unconditional love of a dog for anyone who shows it even a little kindness has earned it the name of 'Man's Best Friend'. Often, it is a dog's tale of loyalty which teaches us humans the meaning of the word. If you strengthen the bond with your dog you will have a friend for life.
Three stray dogs were unofficially adopted by soldiers on an army base in Afghanistan. Little did they know, that their kindness had created a strong bond with the dogs.
One night, the dogs attacked a suicide bomber who was trying to enter the camp. The bomb was detonated, but luckily none of the soldiers lost their lives. Unfortunately, Sasha the smallest pup lost her life, while the other two dogs, Target and Rufus, were nursed back to health. With dogs, a little love goes a long way.
Both you and your dog need to follow a routine for the relationship to grow. Even after the desired result is achieved, you need to practice so that it remains fresh. Training your dog everyday will give the dog's life a little structure and discipline. Also, it can be a fun workout too.
Try to learn as much as possible about your dog. Learn to read its body language and behavior. That is the only way it can communicate. Understand its likes and dislikes. Be wary of any irregularities in behavior. Ensure that you communicate clearly.
Dogs learn more from visual inputs rather than audio. Try to associate an action to your commands. This also means that when communicating with your dog, it should have your complete attention.
Spend some time (at least half an hour) everyday with your dog. This does not include the time you take it for a walk, but are glued to your phone. Spending time means the focus ought to be on the dog, do things it enjoys. This could be chance for you to get to know him better and work on your communication.
Being consistent prevents your dog from getting confused. Setup a basic routine and ground rules for your dog. Include all his activities. Ensure that these rules are followed not only by you but by everyone who interacts with your dog. There should never be any exceptions to these.
Also, pair basic verbal commands with specific actions. Always communicate with these; as far as possible, everyone should use the same set of commands.
Remember the dog doesn't know the monetary value of food, so putting a little effort and flavor (Love) into the food can make your dog happier. Hand feeding your pet, at times, can also go a long way. Your dog's reliance on you for food will also help you to command his attention at all times.
Always remain calm with your dog. They understand more from behavior and action than from words. If they see signs of aggression or anger, it could evoke a similar response. Try positive reinforcement rather than punishment to correct behavior.
While telling a dog not to do something, it is important to suggest what it is supposed to do. Reward him for good behavior, irrespective of whether you asked him to perform a task or not. This will ensure that he repeats that more often.