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Ways to Save Money on Your Pet

Buzzle Staff Mar 22, 2020
Pets can be expensive, but with a little research and time you can end up saving money on the things your pet needs the most.
The last time you were at the pet store, did you end up spending a small fortune on your furry friend? You probably went there for one or two small items, but ended up grabbing all those fun-looking, fuzzy toys on your way out, right? Well, there are plenty of ways that you can cut back on spending on your pet, and the tips are a lot easier than you think.


Cats and dogs are often like children; you buy them an expensive toy and they end up playing with the box it came in. If this is the case with your pet, go ahead and just buy him the box - metaphorically, of course.
If you pay attention to your pet at play, though, you will find what makes him or her happy and what they just ignore. Some dogs, for example, really love squeaky toys but ignore ropes for tugging.
Some cats love playing with ribbons but don't like the laser lights. If your cat or dog likes a specific kind of toy, buy them a few of those but don't buy more until they run out. If your pet likes to play with things that aren't toys, like ribbons or socks, keep some of those handy and don't buy toys at all.


You can save a bundle on medication for your pet by buying in bulk online. You should always see your vet before giving any medication to your furry friend.
Once you get the prescription, there are a bunch of online suppliers where you can get your pet's medication for cheap if you buy a big supply of them at a time.

Food and Treats

Food and treats for your pet can be very expensive, and you usually don't want to compromise on quality in order to save a few bucks. Lower quality pet food can be made with lots of fillers that aren't very good for your pet's health.
Luckily, though, there are some great bargain brands. Compare the ingredient lists to price and find what works best for you and your wallet. Also, dry food is almost always cheaper - and healthier. Wet food doesn't help your pet's digestive tract at all, so you may want to switch to dry food if you can.
There is also the option of making your pet's food yourself. This is the healthiest way to feed your pet, after you do a little research about what is good for them to eat and what is not. However, even though this is cheaper, it can be very time-consuming.


Bedding is a necessity, but that doesn't mean you have to buy it from a pet store. Bedding from your pet store can cost a lot of money, especially when you can go to your local department store and get blankets and pillows for much less.
Dogs, especially, love fleece blankets, and you can always get some fleece and make your own. Similarly, you can get foam padding and make pads for crates and carriers without spending much at all.


Grooming is a huge expense when it comes to your pet. If you feel comfortable trimming your own pet's fur, you can absolutely do that at home.
If not, there are ways to save. People usually have their pets groomed in the spring and fall, when shedding becomes intense. If you brush your pet every day, this will cut down on the number of times you have to bring him or her to the groomer.