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Ways to Pamper Your Cat

Neha B Deshpande Mar 19, 2020
You know it - your cat demands attention, love, and loads of pampering, and you love to give it! Here are the 10 best ways to pamper your cat. Go ahead, try them, and see your furry friend purr away happily.
"Cats are connoisseurs of comfort."
― James Herriot, James Herriot's Cat Stories
You know it, your lazy, furry friend has probably only one motive in life―staying safe and cozy! Hardships are not for cats, and nature has designed them accordingly, and we love this fact. For all those feline lovers out there, cuddles and scratches are nothing new.
You get sheer pleasure by watching them pursue their crazy antics and you will never leave home without a few giggles. Cats are like 'therapy', they simply extract the good part of life, laze around, pounce, scratch, and unfailingly give you the innocent 'look'. You'll simply drop everything and rush to pet them after one glance into their dilated pupils.
Remember the fictional cat from the movie Puss in the Boots .... all it takes is one look from those big moist eyes to attract warmth and sympathy, and even the soldiers drop their weapons! Well, though fictional, you and me know what cats are capable of.
Nevertheless, this invokes a strong urge to pamper them, spoil them and watch them while away their time, doing nothing. Given here are 10 best ways to pamper your cat; however, a foreword,
  • No one knows your cat better than you do. It is your baby, you know what makes it the happiest. All cat owners know that cats are smart and not as dumb as they appear.
  • Consult your vet if you are unsure about any method or food stuff.
  • If you aren't too keen, spend a lazy afternoon, simply cuddling it or watching it.
Now, let's go thorough 10 suggestions to pamper your furry pet.

A New Toy

If you love watching cat videos, you would know about the popular Japanese cat 'Maru', who, despite his shape, can fit into a box of any size, literally squeezing himself into it! He proves that, keeping your cat happy doesn't need to be expensive every time.
Yeah, of course, after hours of sleeping, your cat needs some exercise. A house cat may not have a backyard or garden for hunting, so you've to keep them engaged, which can be helpful for their mental and physical health too.
Instead of loitering around, bored, a toy will keep him on his toes (literally) and also develop his hunting skills. A domestic cat may tend to become too lazy, so you have to introduce a little bit of adventure into its surroundings.
Now, the market is flooded with products and toys for pet cats, but we know, a simple ball of wool can also work wonders. Every cat will, of course, have their specific choices, and it's up to you to identify and choose the appropriate one.

A Pet Bed for Lazybones

Heated pet beds are available in the market; however, you need to be aware of its pros and cons. Consult your vet before opting for a heat bed.
Sleep is beauty for cats. They roll into a ball, sinking in the warm sheets. Pamper him with a comfy bed, where he can simply dream about his favorite food.
Cats genetically like heat, and there can be no better way to pamper them, than to ensure that they do not miss out on their precious sleep.

Scratch Post

If you've multiple cats, a scratch post attached with toys can work best for them to socialize and develop a bond among themselves.
Cats are hunters and have an impulsive love of scratching, so gift him a scratching post, preferably one which will also help him to play around a little. Scratch posts in attractive colors and designs are easily available in the market; however, you can also make a scratch post at home.
A healthy option to satisfy his instinct to scratch, and keep his nails and claws healthy, your cat will definitely thank you for this gift. And you'll thank it back for saving your furniture and curtains from getting vandalized by those razor-sharp claws.

Cuddle and Love

June 4, is celebrated as 'National Hug Your Cat Day'. This is something priceless that you can gift your cat. Spare time from your daily routine, shower it some attention and love, for you know, he deserves it. Mind it, though, cats can be choosy, and some of them don't like being touched by a stranger. Be sure, you do it in their preferred style and manner.
Handle her gently, and giver her time to reciprocate. Experts are of the opinion that, hugging your furry friend can be a stress reliever for both of you. Needless to say, your cat will develop a special bond with you. However, make sure you do not catch it at a wrong time. Cats need their 'space' too.


It is not necessary that your cat will respond to catnip, perhaps it is immune to its effect. This herb is known to please and relax your cat. Cats enjoy the smell of catnip and react strongly to it. It can make them excited for a couple of minutes. Though no harm has been noted, it is suggested that its use be as minimal as possible.
You can also use toys stuffed with catnip. It is strongly recommended that you consult your vet, as it may not be appropriate for cats with certain medical conditions.

Please his Tummy

Fussy and picky, cats can just fume and fret a lot, if they're not given what they want. Well, you can let them rant for a little while, yet make sure their diet is healthy. Visit your vet, if your cat continues to be a fussy eater.
Well, we can modify the quote and say 'the way to a cat's heart, is through its stomach.' You wouldn't doubt it, for any second. We all love being pampered with our special dishes, and cats are no exception to this.
He will shower his gratitude with all those meows and purrs...Good food can wash away all the pains, so just reward him with his favorite treat, and watch him lick his paws with contentment.

A Clean Litter Box

Various sizes and styles of cat litter boxes are available in the market. As an owner, you've to be vigilant about choosing the correct one for your cat, and make sure, it is not accessible to kids and other pets around.
Cats are cleanliness freaks, and will love to have a clean spot for urinating. Imagine your expression if you've to use a cluttered, unclean toilet? Well, then remind yourselves to clean your cat's litter box too. You need to be a responsible owner, and understand the traits of your cat. If he does not use it, seek help from a vet.
Make sure the size is appropriate, and place it at a suitable location, where your cat is comfortable. You may not be aware, but this might be exactly what your cat has been waiting for!

Pamper, Wash, and Groom

There are many breeds of cats that love water. One of them is the 'Turkish Van', which has also been nicknamed as the 'Swimming Cat'.
This way to pamper may not go well with all cats, because most of them hate water. They might run away, scratch, or create a ruckus, with you trying to grab them. Many cat owners may have experienced this while trying to coax and cajole your cat into having a bath.
Yet, it cannot be a generalized statement. Some cats may love to take a dip in the pool. Treat them with a luxurious bath (make sure you use cat shampoos and brushes for cleaning them), and have a wonderful time with it.

Teach New Tricks

Be patient with your cat while teaching it new commands. However, try to wean away the 'rewarding' of his favorite treat after it begins to obey. Instead, pat and cuddle him to show your appreciation.
Your cat loves to play, so what better than to teach it to play fetch or some silly antic. But remember, unlike dogs, training a cat needs loads of patience and tons of praising and bribes in the form of food, as they will not do anything for free easily. But do not underestimate their abilities, they can be equally smart and funny as other pets.

Window for the 'Deep Thinkers'

Learn from your cat, to 'observe'. Take time from your busy routine and simply sit beside the window with your cat. Sometimes, it doesn't hurt to be non-productive.
Cats are good observers, and they like to observe their surroundings, usually watching birds and other happenings. Just let her be! Clear your stuff along the window, and let her just sit by the window. Cats love their personal time, so just give them that required peace. Isn't that an inexpensive way to make her happy?
There are many other ways, you can spoil your furry friend―you know your cat's love for climbing onto the porch or high up the tree. Well, cat trees or condos, will help them relive that 'wild experience' of climbing trees. As an added advantage, a scratching post, a toy or tunnels will please it no end.
Cats are known for their ability to land on their feet no matter how high they jump or take a fall. Cat furniture can help you prevent your cat from jumping on your household furniture.
Well, go ahead and pamper it, because not everything in life has to be earned. You know your cat does not need to do anything to invite you to pamper it. Their eyes demand it, and you'll feel compelled to do it. Moreover, your cat is family, and pampering helps bonding, it sure can be a great way to spend some quality time by involving the entire family.
Nothing can beat stress faster than spending some relaxing moments with your little fur ball. Cats have made their essence felt everywhere, and can be related with coziness and happiness.
That reminds me of Sheldon Cooper's song from 'The Big Bang Theory'―'Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little ball of fur, Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty, purr, purr, purr..." Doesn't it sum up what they want―something soft, cozy, which keeps them happy and warm. After having read the different ways, aren't you a bit envious of a cat's life?