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Useful Tips on Choosing a Pet Shipping Service

Tanmay Tikekar Mar 17, 2020
Transporting your pet can be stressful, and can go horribly wrong if not done correctly. Here are some vital tips on pet shipping, and what to look for in the shipping service.

DIY if possible

If possible (and legal), carry your pets with you. This applies especially to car travel. The pets will be much more relaxed if they are around people they know very well, and this will naturally make the stress easier to handle.
Traveling is notoriously stressful for pets―some more so than others. Choosing the right pet shipping service could be the difference between a happy, relaxed pet at the end of the journey and one that is extremely frustrated which could cause harm to itself and its owners. Let us see some vital markers to choose the ideal pet shipping service for your pet.

How To Choose The Best Pet Transport?

Here are a few essential markers that you need to tick before choosing a pet shipping service.

Longevity of the Shipping Company

In today's competitive world, a company found to be incompetent doesn't survive to tell the tale. If the pet shipping service in question has been in the business for a long time, they are doing something right.
Along with the longevity check how many pet owners actually use the company. Pet shipping services are greatly affected by word-of-mouth publicity, and if a lot of people trust them to relocate their pet, they're probably very good at what they do.

Ties With Airlines

Check how many major airlines use the pet shipping service. Airlines need to make sure their cargo of pets is delivered in perfect condition, since it is directly related to PR. If major airline companies employ the company, don't hesitate to sign up.


This is probably the most important factor to check. All the rest can be expressed as mere numbers, but testimonials actually tell you the nuances of the hands-on experience. Find someone close to you who has used the pet carrier, or ask referrals from the shipping company itself. Be sure to personally check them.

Background and Experience of Employees

The longevity of the company is one thing, the competence of the present workers is another. Ask if the pet handlers are sufficiently trained, or―preferably―have veterinary education and experience.
Pets are often injected with a sedative during the course of the relocation so that it can bypass the stress of the actual journey, and improper administration of this procedure can lead to devastating results.

Professional Associations

Associations such as the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulate pet transport all over the world.
Check if the shipping company is associated with such (though not necessarily these in particular) associations, and is up-to-date with pet travel regulations and advancements in the methods.


Now comes the practical part. Pet shipping services aren't cheap, but check if they have sufficient reason to be extravagant. Get estimates beforehand, and clarify what items (clothing, bedding, etc.) you are supposed to provide.
Failing to do so, especially with medication, can, in extreme and rare cases, result in the death of the pet due to your failure to provide necessary medication or even food.
With the right shipping service, your pet can easily get over the stress of travel, and will be fresh and ready to enjoy its new environment.