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Unique Pet Urns

Shrinivas Kanade Aug 4, 2020
After cremating your pet, you can choose to disperse its ashes in your backyard, or buy a unique pet urn and store the ashes in it. Read this story to know more about urns for your pet.
A family pet can share your pleasure and your sorrow. There are times when you may have seen your pet display fear of something and at other times, you may have seen it being bold and brave. You may have noticed that your pet is very much aware of the way you feel.
With time, pets at home develop a character as that of a human being and that is why they are thought of as family members. When a pet dies, it hurts everyone in the family, especially children. It is difficult for children to adjust to a pet's loss.
For them, it is a playmate, a friend, and a companion. If you want to keep the memories of your pet fresh even when they're gone, you can use unique pet urns to store their ashes. These urns, that can be kept in your house, will always remind you of the moments you shared with your loving pet.

Urns for Pet Ashes

Pet cremation urns are made using different types of materials, and are available in different shapes and sizes in the market. These elegant urns are made using materials like plastic, ceramic, stone, wood, metal, and glass. While making the urns, special care is taken so that they reflect the character of the pet. Pet photo urns are made to display the photograph of your pet in an elegant fashion. Pet cremation urns of different sizes are used to store the ashes of pets of different sizes.

Types of Elegant Pet Urns

Listed below are some of the best and most popular urns available.
  • Ceramic urns: Pet cremation urns are available in different shapes, such as fire hydrants, wool balls, pots, ceramic boxes mounted with the figurine of a cat or a dog, etc.
  • Marble urns: These elegant urns are made using different colored marbles, such as white and black. You can also choose ones that are in the shape of jars made from quartz, such as onyx, which has alternating black and white bands, to store your pet's ashes. Marble carved in the shape of pets, such as horses, rabbits, cats, dogs, etc. make unique urns.
  • Brass urns: Urns are also made using metals like brass. Statues of pets, jars, and a dog house made from brass are also available. If you want a unique one, then you can buy a brass urn in the form of a statue of St. Francis, the patron saint of pets.
  • Garden urns: These plastic pet cremation urns are made in the form of dog bones, stepping stones, markers, and fire hydrants. These are water-resistant and can be placed outdoors. The pet's ashes can be stored safely in a capsule which is contained in the urn.
  • Pet cremation jewelry: Precious metals such as gold and silver can also be used to make small urns in the shape of pet figurines. The ashes are stored inside such urns, and they are carried on one's person in the form of jewelry.
You can also find unique urns for your pet in the form of key-chains, lockets, pendants, and cylinders, made using metals such as steel. Heart-shaped cedar boxes are also available. Manufacturers of these urns can also make metal plates with your sentiments carved on it.
Urns filled with the ashes of your pet can never replace your pet, but they do have a psychological value. They help you remember your beloved pet and the golden moments both of you enjoyed together.