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Types of Rabbits

Anju Shandilya Mar 9, 2020
There are many varieties of rabbits in the world, all having different personalities and temperaments. Read on to know some of the types.
Various varieties of domestic rabbits are bred through selective breeding or natural selection. A few common breeds of rabbits that are recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association are listed along with brief descriptions.

Different Types of Rabbits


This breed was standardized early in the 20th century. The two categories available are the blue and white. 
  • American Fuzzy Lop: This breed was derived by breeding two Holland Lops, each carrying a recessive wool gene. The rabbits belonging to this breed have lopped ears and their body is covered with thick wool.

  • American Sable: The rabbits belonging to this breed have different levels of sandy (sable) coloring.


This breed consists of the oldest types of domestic rabbits that originated in Ankara, Turkey. The rabbits belonging to this breed are used for their long wool which is removed by shearing or plucking.


This breed consists of the oldest and largest of the fur rabbits. The color of their coats can vary from blue, white, black, lilac, to brown. A rare variety in this breed is the Pointed Beveren, which have the same color, but have white-tipped hair.

Blue of Ham

This breed of rabbit was very popular during the first few decades of the 20th century but became extinct during the sixties. However, a Belgian breeder was able to recreate them by using offsprings.

Britannia Petite

These rabbits weigh about 2.5 lbs and are thought to have been derived from small, wild rabbits. They have a wild temperament and are not suitable as pets. However, if handled properly, they can be calm.

American Chinchilla

These rabbits are bred for their meat. They are hardy pets and do not require regular grooming. They have a medium-length body which is slightly curved. Their ears are straight and erect. They are also good breeders and on an average, their litter consists of 7-10 babies.


These rabbits were originally bred in the Netherlands. The markings present on their body include a white wedge down the face and round and colored circles around the eyes. 
They also have white markings on the hind feet, and a line extending under the belly. They make excellent pets, show rabbits, and do rather well in the sport of hopping.


This is a very old breed that is very common in the Asian countries in the Himalayan Mountains. They are the most widely distributed rabbits in the world. They are also known by many other names like Chinese, Russian, Egyptian, and the Black Nose.
They are delicately-built and have a long body resembling a tube. They are famous for their general temperament. They make excellent pets especially for the children, and an ideal choice for a first time rabbit owner.


This is one of the newest breed of domesticated rabbits that originated in Belgium.
They are believed to be a cross between a miniature Swiss Fox and a Belgian Dwarf. They have been so named because of their particularly long hair which surrounds the face, resembling the mane of a male lion. The other characteristics include a round head, and ears shorter than most breeds of rabbits.

English Spot

These rabbits are mostly white and have a butterfly mark on their nose, colored ears, and chains of colored spots along the sides, including a herringbone stripe down the back.
These are a very active breed and require a minimum of two hours of running time every day. They are generally docile and make good pets. They also tolerate other pets like guinea pigs, cats, and dogs.