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Top 10 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds

Renuka Savant
There are quite a few among us who consider the phrase 'affectionate cats' to be an oxymoron. You'd beg to differ, of course, if you've ever been a cat parent. Therefore, to set the record straight, here is a list out 10 of the most affectionate cat breeds.
"There are two means of refuge from the misery of life―music and cats."
―Albert Schweitzer
"One cat just leads to another."
―Ernest Hemingway
"What greater gift than the love of a cat?"
―Charles Dickens
So, just in case one wasn't enough, we've got you three opinions of some rather illustrious personalities on what life is like with a cat. Cats are creatures who choose to express their affection in a manner that is either sublime (cat lover's opinion) or bizarre (not-a-cat-lover's opinion).
Understanding a cat demonstrating love is a touch difficult for those who have never been around them as much. After all, even the most affectionate cat will still ignore her beloved human's calls, if she so wishes, and may decide to claw his face if he attempts to tickle her belly.
A cat who wants to say "I love you" will brush his face against you, try to lick you clean with the sandpaper-like tongue, and will perpetually be somewhere around you, if not on you.
Also, he'll be very playful and upbeat whenever his favorite group of people are around. Certain cats love to cuddle, whereas others will have a special "yowl" reserved for their special person.

10 Affectionate and Playful Cat Breeds

It is observed that purebred cats possess certain personality traits, which are instrumental in choosing a pet, especially for those who are looking to bring home their very first cat. It goes without saying that the human-pet bond can only prosper in time, with either parties tuning into each others behavior. And remember that playful and affectionate people tend to have pets who are in the same mold.
That cats are the personification of grace and grandeur goes without saying, but the Abyssinian takes it to a whole new level. Abys, as they are fondly called, are gorgeous short-haired cats bearing a striking resemblance to the African wildcat.
This breed is known to be people-oriented, yet isn't as friendly to qualify as a lap cat. They love to keep an eye on their humans, perching on higher ground to watch the world beneath them go by. Abys are very active and athletic, thoroughly enjoying fetching games, string toys, and laser dots.
And despite what the "official" sources say about the Abyssinian not being a lap cat, they will jump on to you, demanding to be petted.
Birmans are quiet, gentle souls who are also rather adorable looking. They are color point cats―cats who have an off-white coat with colored extremities.
Birmans are appreciated for their calm temperament and patient demeanor―qualities which make them perfect for a family with small children. They also get along well with other pets, being tolerant of everyone around them. Birmans don't tend to be very chatty, but love to be around their family at all times.
And finally, here's what the Cat Fanciers' Association has to say about them:
"The Birman is unconditional love in a fur coat and will bring pleasure and happiness to your home and family."
Who wants to own a miniature panther?
The Bombay cat was named after the port city of India―the land of the black panther. These gorgeous black beauties, though, aren't even remotely wild, and make fabulous feline companions instead. The Bombay is very lively and spirited, and loves interactive toys. The breed is renowned for its intelligence, and is open to learning tricks and new games.
The Bombay's beady, yellow eyes cast a piercing gaze, which can be unnerving to strangers, so you can expect a lot of hilarity when guests come over. Don't worry, your Bombay is quite affable by nature, and doesn't mind making new friends.
The Cornish Rex is a lovely looking cat with prominent and expressive features.
Cornish Rex
These cats are easily recognizable with their short, curly coat and large ears that sit on top of the egg-shaped head. But behind these regal looks hides a rather impish persona, which you'll delightfully discover in time.
Cornish Rexes are known to maintain a kitten-like demeanor throughout their life, making them a rather amusing and entertaining companion. This breed loves people and doesn't mind being handled―Cornish Rexes make for some excellent therapy cats.
Historically, Maine Coons were known to be well-built, working cats suited to the harsh winter of northeastern United States.
Maine Coon
These cats are fairly larger than your average domestic cat, and have a lush, long-haired coat with tufted paws and ears. Maine Coons are the 'gentle giants' of the cat family, but their intimidating size belies their loving disposition. These cats are particularly good with children and other pets owing to their calm temperament.
Persian Cat
The Persian breed is known for its perpetual 'if-looks-could-kill' expression, but that's just until you get to know them. These furry darlings are extremely people-pleasing and well-mannered. Persians are among the quietest and most docile cats who want nothing more than curling up in the lap of their favorite person.
They love to tail you all the time, so you're actually looking at a forever companion in a Persian cat. And of course, their gorgeous looks always help!
They call this breed the 'Ragdoll' because of their tendency to flop happily into the arms of anyone who picked them up.
These beauties have a semi-long coat which requires regular grooming―and these sociable cats are always game for human interaction. They are very sweet and gentle, and surprise, surprise―they are also known to respond when their person calls out to them.
Ragdolls' meowing has a melodious ring to it; you won't hear it too often as they're not very chatty, except when they're hungry or wish to be petted.
The Scottish Fold is an interesting looker with his trademark flat ears and owlish eyes. They love to be the center of attention at all times.
Scottish Fold
Quite often you'll spot a Scottie in odd positions―sitting like a human, lying on the back with paws in the air, or even standing on hind legs. The amusement never ends when you're living with a Scottish Fold. If you don't believe us, check out the antics of Maru, Internet's most famous Scottish Fold.
Not everyone fancies a Sphynx, but seriously, it's entirely their loss.
These fellas can be partially or completely hairless with striking features which include those famous bat-winged ears. Sphynx cats are very social and love to be in the company of humans, other cats, or even a friendly dog. Being hairless, the Sphynx loves to snuggle up to seek warmth. They are very energetic and mischievous.
Turkish Angoras are charming and angelic to look at, with their beautiful eyes and silky white coat.
Turkish Angora
They are athletic and enthusiastic explorers who'll love to inspect every inch of your home. These cats can also be quite dominating and determined when they want to, and will voice it out accordingly. Nevertheless, their sociable and charming behavior ensures that their human parent fulfills their every demand.
Like we mentioned before, any pet will always take on the demeanor of the people they live with. So, if you're looking for some loving cats, be prepared to dole out some affection yourself.