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Tips to Choose the Right Blanket for Your Horse

Malvika Kulur Mar 18, 2020
Choosing a blanket for your horse is easier than you think. Given here are useful tips and pointers for choosing the right blanket for your horse.

Quick Tip!

If you are using the blanket only for barn or stable use, then order a stable blanket. These blankets are apt even for shipping your horse as they will keep him warm and cozy.
There are three types of blankets available for use for equestrians. They are the stable blanket, turnout blanket, and horse sheets. Usually, there are no set rules that you need to maintain while choosing, but there are a few guidelines that make your selection easy. Here are tips and pointers which will help you choose the right blanket for your horse.

How to Choose a Blanket for Your Horse

❖ The first thing that determines your choice of blanket is the weather. If you live in a place that has low temperatures, then you need to choose a blanket that has enough insulation to keep your horse warm.
❖ Turnout and stable blankets are available in three different weights depending on the amount of 'fill' used in making them.
❖ The weight of the blanket depends on the amount of insulation used while making it. So, more the insulation or filling used, heavier will be the blanket, and lighter the lining, lighter will be its weight.
❖ If the temperatures in your living environment are below 10°F, then you need a blanket that is heavy, along with a good stable blanket so that your horse is warm and does not fall ill.
❖ If temperatures are ranging from 10-25°F, you need a heavy-weight blanket, or a medium-weight blanket with an additional lining to it.
❖ For temperatures between 25-35°F, a medium-weight, or lightweight blanket with a liner will suffice, and for temperatures between 30-35°F, you just need a horse sheet or a lightweight blanket.
❖ If you face snow or rain, the best choice is to get a turnout blanket as it can be used in wet and dry situations. It has a weather-proof coat as well as a good fabric lining, so you just need to turn the blanket inside out depending on the weather forecast.
❖ There are various styles and brands to choose from, so pick a brand that is reputed for quality. The weather is not the only deciding factor for choosing blankets. The size of your horse is also very important.
❖ Therefore, measure your horse very diligently before buying or making your horse blanket. To take measurements, it is always advisable to use a broad twine or tape so that you can put markings on it easily.
❖ Start measuring from the center of the chest, and make the twine go around your horse laterally till the two ends of the twine meet back at the center. This is the first and most important measurement you take for determining the length of the blanket.
❖ For the width, you measure from the belly, withers (neck), and lastly, the rump. The measurements should be accurate so that the blanket covers your entire horse and fits it snugly. It should not be too tight or too loose; therefore, using a mock blanket for taking measurements also helps.
❖ Choose blankets that have straps, cross surcingles, and a fillet string so that the blanket does not slip off your horse or get blown away by the wind.
Easy-to-wash blankets are favored more than those that require a lot of maintenance. The blanket you choose should fold easily, and should be comfortable. When you make your final choice, you should think about utility and comfort rather than the price and styling.