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Tips For Raising a Happy and Healthy Dog

Paisley Hansen Oct 18, 2019
Remember the very first moment that you saw your dog? Those puppy dog eyes reeled you in. To this day they’re capable of hypnotizing you into giving your pup whatever his or her little heart desires. All we want is to give our dogs the longest, happiest life possible. So, what are some ways to accomplish this?

Familiarize Yourself With the Breed(s)

Just as your dog has her own unique personality, each breed has common personality traits. Researching your dog’s breed will assist in building the bond between you and your dog. Some breeds like Yorkies are generally very hyper, while others such as Great Danes are pretty low key. It’s also good to learn about common health issues particular to the breed.

Go For Regular Vet Visits

Spaying or neutering keeps dogs healthy by decreasing their chances of developing certain types of cancer and other health issues. Be sure to take your pup for regular vet checkups and vaccinations. Get to know your vet so that you and your dog will be comfortable with him/her and the vet will know your dog’s personality and health history.

Get Training

Training not only deals with behavioral issues but also keeps dogs safe, resulting in less anxiety for you and your dog. Reward-based training will give your dog self-confidence. Certain breeds (e.g., German Shepherd) may require specialized training for the dog and owner.

Practice Socialization

Socialization helps your dog learn to get along with people and other animals in a variety of environments and situations. Many cities have dog-friendly restaurants and shops and hold events in which you and your dog can participate. Dog parks and doggie daycares also provide good socialization opportunities.

Find a Great Dog Sitter

At some point, you’ll need to leave your dog overnight. Finding a dog sitter early on is helpful, especially in case of an emergency. You may want to start out by letting the sitter stay with your dog occasionally so that the sitter and dog get comfortable with one another. You’ll feel confident leaving your pup and it will be a fun change of routine for him

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Just as a healthy diet is likely to increase your lifespan, your dog’s life will probably be longer with a healthy diet. Dr Marty Pets on Instagram is a helpful resource for tips and information. Make sure that you and your family know what foods are absolute no-no’s for dogs. Table scraps and treats are fine for most pups in small amounts.
You may be surprised at the healthy foods your dog loves. Many dogs go crazy for carrots, apples, green beans and canned pumpkin. Exercise is another important addition to your dog’s daily routine. Whether running several miles or just playing fetch in the yard, exercise helps control weight, let out excess energy and manage anxiety.

Stay Anxiety-Free

Separation anxiety can be a big issue for some dogs. Some do better having another pet to keep them company when home alone. Leaving a television or radio on for calming background noise may also help. A crate can be a good little sanctuary with soft bedding and a favorite toy, or something with their person’s scent on it can ease anxiety.
Getting dogs used to being home alone a little at a time reduces the chance of separation anxiety. They’ll come to realize that whenever you go away, you always come back. You and your dog will both be happier because you’ll have provided for his emotional wellbeing, as well as his basic physical needs.