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Tips for Choosing the Best French Bulldog Harness

Zoey Fawell Jan 24, 2020
French bulldogs are one of the top 5 most growing dog breeds and this factor has pushed the market into developing many kinds of products to assist the growth of your dog. One such necessary product is, of course, the trusty harness which also has a lot of variations, thus this buyer’s guide is to help you choose the harness fit for your French bulldog.

1. Your Lifestyle and Needs

The best tip to choose a type of harness is to see if it goes well with your needs and lifestyle. If you decide to buy a car-seat harness, then you ought to be traveling with your bulldog in your car most of the time if not then you should be buying a normal walking harness.
The training harness also has different functions than the other harnesses so be sure to see if your needs coincide with the functionality of the harness

2. Regional Weather Conditions

The climate of the region is what will also play a determining factor in your harness purchasing endeavors. If you live in a warmer climate with the temperature running high in the summer, then it is important to buy a harness made from a breathable fabric like mesh.
Mesh harness prevents skin irritation and helps your pet cooldown when their core temperatures rise from activities like a stroll around a park.
A cooling harness can also be used as it is made specifically for this purpose, however, it may not be made from mesh. If you live in colder regions than a leather harness is the right harness product for you as it will give your dog a sense of style along with protecting it from the weather with its natural material.

3. Allergies and Skin Irritation

Knowing your French bulldog is important as this is the next determining factor in your purchase.
If your pet is prone to allergies or has sensitive skin and is likely to be irritated by other materials, then a soft padded harness is made specially to cater to the needs of your dog. The soft padded harnesses available in today’s market have a combination of multiple features which make this buying decision a bit easier for you.

4. Final Tips & Conclusion

Some final tips to help you in your purchases are related to the overall safety and well-being of your Frenchie. Buying an adjustable harness will be more beneficial if your bulldog is still growing as it can be adjusted to size.
A fixed-size may restrict their growth, but adjustable harnesses cater to this need. Buying a harness with a name tag and contact information tag can prove to be a valuable function if your dog ever wanders too far off for your liking.
Functionality is to be given more weight over fashion but once you have functionality down you can then worry about what will look good on your dog and one that will compliment your style too.
“Frenchiestore” in this aspect, is a leading brand as it is health-conscious and has the best French Bulldog harness. They also cater to other dog breeds such as Pugs, Boston Terriers, Dachshund, English Bulldog and much more.