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17 Things You Do if You are an Animal Lover

Tanaya Navalkar Feb 14, 2020
Some of us absolutely love animals, so much so, that if we had to pick between friends and a pet, we wouldn't hesitate in picking the obvious choice. So, if you too are one hopeless animal lover. We've enlisted a few things that you'd understand if you love animals. Take a look!
"Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened."
― Anatole France
Most of us love animals, while others just can't stand them. We wonder why? Animals are wonderful creatures who are unique in their own ways. They make us a part of their lives, and share a unique, silent bond with us. We love them, not only because they are adorable, cute, fluffy, and make great companions, but also because they love us back tenfold.
However, there are some who take this love for animals to a whole new level. We're not just talking about pets here, but also exotic pets. We're talking about all kinds of animals - fluffy, furry, scaly, cute, exotic, etc. Such people prefer spending time with four-legged or slimy creatures, rather than partying with friends.

Things You Relate to if You're an Animal Lover

Your profile pictures are mostly selfies with animals

Your profile pictures and other pictures on different social media sites feature a lot of animals or your pet. Your phone is full of images of animals, because wherever you go, you end up clicking their pictures and taking videos.

You love all kinds of animals, and not just the cute and fluffy ones

People are scared of visiting your place because of the 'pets' that you have at home. Come on people, they're not that scary!

You visit a vet more than you go to your own doctor

You make sure to visit a vet every month for regular checkups of your pet, whether or not you visit your own doctor.

You automatically don't like a person whom your pet dislikes

You can never date a person who doesn't like animals, or if your dog ever growled at them. If it doesn't like someone, you don't either. Period.

You can't wait to get back home and spend time with your pet

Right from the time when you leave home for work, you think about getting back already and playing with your pet.
And you make sure that you're not away from home for a long time. You wish you had the superpower to talk to animals, but you anyway end up greeting them with at least a 'Hi'. You like it when you have some meaningful conversations with them, because only you and your pet can understand the language. It's an alien thing for others.

You turn into a monster whenever someone is being mean to animals

"I don't believe in the concept of hell, but if I did I would think of it as filled with people who were cruel to animals." ― Gary Larson. We agree with Mr. Gary Larson and like him, some of us can't see any sort of injustice happening to animals and are filled with rage if we see so.
For instance, people throwing stones at dogs or teasing them. You wouldn't hesitate in giving them a piece of your mind, so much that they won't ever think of doing it again. How would you feel if animals did that to you, eh?

All your money goes in pampering them

Shopping for you means visits to several pet stores, and pampering them with expensive toys and treatments. They have their own bed, pillow, raincoat, shoes, pet food, and other accessories like chew toys. But in the end, they'll end up chewing on your shoes or slippers anyway.

You wish pets were allowed at work

Oh, it would be so much fun to work with your little pooch or kitty by your side, isn't it? You'd do anything to be allowed to get your pet in office everyday. Can't it be a legitimate perk of doing some good work? All the employers out there, hope you're reading this!

You dream of owning a farmhouse with all kinds of animals

Since the time you realized that you love animals, it has been your dream to own a big farmhouse far away from the city, so that you and your lovable pets can live peacefully.

You can't decide when people ask what your favorite animal is

How are you even expected to answer that when they are all SO cute, adorable, lovable, charming, cuddly, fluffy, funny, etc?

Watching a movie in which animals suffer or die is too much for you to handle

Marley & me, Hachiko: A Dog's Story, Eight Below, etc. You've watched them all! And the most common thing between them was that they all choked you with tears.
You can handle war movies, but can't handle animal movies, especially the ones with sad endings and where the animal has to die in the end. Why would they even do that? Don't they have a heart?

Your idea of a vacation is where animals are

You always take vacations to wildlife sanctuaries or national parks where you get to see animals. If not vacationing, you're volunteering at some animal shelter. And plan your vacations as per your pet's convenience.

You always stop your vehicle for the animals crossing the road

Squirrels, dogs, cats, snakes, etc. You always, always brake for them. And if it's some animal like a turtle or tortoise, you pull over and help it cross the road, and then carry on with your journey.

You always dream of someone gifting you puppies or kittens

"Someone please gift me a dog, or any other animal," is all you keep saying to everyone.
You would do or give up anything to wake up or open the door only to find a bunch of puppies or kittens on the other side. Hamsters, rabbits, turtles, snakes, iguana, tiger cubs, monkeys, chimpanzees, and baby elephants would also do BTW!

You end up getting the abandoned ones home

And sometimes, even foster them. You have special hatred for people who abandon their pets for no reason. It's heartbreaking for you to see any animal or pet abandoned or left to live on their own without any provision.

You feel miserable on seeing animals in the zoo

You wish you had the power to set them free. It breaks your heart to see them caged like this.

You're probably a vegetarian

Your love for animals has influenced you so much that you gave up eating meat, not because you love veggies, but because you love animals. And you also have immense respect for organizations like PETA and SPCA for the good work that they do.
These were some signs that tell you simply adore animals.