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Things to Know Before Bringing Your Dog to Paddle Board

Joe Parker Jun 11, 2019
Paddleboarding is fun by yourself, but it'll be even more interesting if you take your dog with you. But there are a few things you should know before bringing your dog on board for paddle boarding.

Keep your dog comfortable

Some dogs can't swim by nature, so remember to put a life jacket on, in case they can't swim. It's important to keep your dog comfortable on the board.
A big and wide board can provide room for your dog to move around and it is also more stable. You should consider getting an inflatable SUP board since they are soft and more comfortable.

Give your dog a test run in an isolated location before entering water

Find an isolated spot and take your dog on board to help it get used to being on a paddle board.
Without experience the dog could feel uncomfortable, and you shouldn't insist on taking it with you on board in that case. But if your dog seems to be okay with it, you can proceed with the journey.

Be prepared for accidents

At the beginning of SUP session, your dog might be frighted. It may take time for your dog to grow accustomed to it. You'll need to wait patiently until it is used to being on a paddle board on choppy water.

Prevent your dog from getting into fights

Your dog getting into a fight with other dogs may be difficult. Sometimes things happen before you can prevent them. Don't worry as it is normal. You can train your dog for good habits.

Clean your dog after returning from the ocean

It is important to clean your dog after paddle boarding. Salt and sand on its skin and paws can be discomforting, causing rashes and infections. A thorough cleaning will be great to prevent rashes, infection and other discomfort.