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The Best Pit Bull Dog Training Tips

Zoey Fawell Jan 13, 2020
One of the reasons why we have a variety of dogs acting differently is attributed to training. The same applies to pit bulls, and that’s why you might have come across certain breeds that are way too aggressive.
I find it better to train your dog yourself than let a professional do it for you because then, you’ll focus more on key aspects that you want the dog to embrace. Now, in order to train your pit bull in whichever way you want them shaped to, you need to know the key pit bull training tips.

Start Early

Once these dogs are already fully grown, you’ll definitely have difficult times trying to turn their behavior around, the same thing we often experience with toddlers.
Therefore, if you’re privileged to have a puppy that you plan to nurture, the right time to start the process is right away. One of the key areas that you can start from at this stage is socialization, being that they won’t be old enough for advanced training.
Exposing them to everything that will always be around as they grow helps them to be comfortable, thereby easy to handle. This is easier done when you do things in a positive and bubbly way. Another thing to consider is exposing the dog to new aspects in their own time.

Try Positive Reinforcement Training

For a fully-grown pit bull, you have to change your tactics. The regular leash corrections or punishments might not be that effective at this level.
Most pit bull owners have confessed that opting for positive reinforcement measures is actually helpful in swift shaping of a dog’s behavior. Such techniques involve the dog going through reward-based trainings which shouldn’t be a problem because pit bulls have strong muscles and unmatched strength.
Apart from these trainings, you can also opt for dog sports and advanced obedience activities. This is usually a great way to combine mental stimulation and exercise when training, and this is something pit bull dogs really need.

Work on their Tolerance

If you have a dog which was previously bred for fights, you’ll realize that they’re usually not tolerant to people or dogs.
The best way to make them tolerant is teaching them certain commands that will help them know when and how to act, in the event that they become distracted. We have examples like the look, come, stay and emergency call commands, and the better part is training them on how to respond to such commands.
However, we also have instances where you’ll find that the dog is comfortable around other dogs, but not when around strangers and vice versa. Therefore, it’s equally important to understand your little friend in order to know the areas that you should be focusing on.


After the training process, the best way to establish if your pit bull has mastered the right skills is trying Canine Certifications near you. Such programs also feature tests that mould them further into friendly and well-behaved pets, unlike the imagination that most people have of pit bulls.
In addition to the pit bull dog training tips that you can use on your own, you can also opt for online training. Landing on the best online dog training programmes can change your pet’s behavior in immeasurable ways.
At the same time you have to be certain of the online training course that you’re subjecting your pet to. All in all, the best hack to a well-behaved pit bull is introducing them to the training process while still a puppy, as we had mentioned earlier.