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All You Need to Know About Terrier Puppies

Terrier puppies are amongst the cutest animals on this planet. They are a favorite of people from all walks of life. Here we discuss some general information related to these dogs.
Dogs have always been man's favorite animal. In recent times dogs are not only considered a faithful guard of the house, but also as a fashion statement. These animals have acted as faithful companions to humans for many years and have been an unconditional support.
A good thing about these animals is that they come in all shapes and sizes; Enter, terrier dog breeds; these small dogs are filled with cuteness and innocence. Kids, adults and elderly love terrier puppies the same.
Different terrier types have been used for many years to guard livestock like sheep, hens and food grains in big warehouses. These small looking angels are energetic killing machines when they show their true colors.
These puppies have been a common sight in fashion dog shows and commercials. They are a favorite pick among celebrities, the rich and the famous. If you do have a terrier at home, you will understand the behavior problems of this dog. Dog training is one aspect that you must be very strict when you are dealing with terriers as they have a mind of their own.


So, you are in the mood of gifting your loved one a terrier puppy. There are a lot of things you should know about this bundle of joy, before you give it to someone. Never let the size of a terrier mislead you, they are one of the best guard dogs and can be more dangerous than a full-sized dog, when it comes to protecting their territory.


Terriers have natural hunting instincts and are known for their intelligence and smartness globally. They are one of the few intelligent dogs who have a loving and caring nature towards people.
Terrier pups are social by nature and bond well with kids. They are excellent security dogs and guard the house very well. Just make sure that young children don't tease a young terrier, otherwise it can create quite a scene.


Like all pets, terriers are always hungry for your love and attention. They are easy to train, but the owner has to remain firm while training them. These animals know they are intelligent and, this might create a problem later on, if they aren't trained properly.
It is very important that your dogs learn to socialize with people and animals. Socialization helps the terrier to understand that not all strangers and animals are its enemies.


Your terrier can get a total body workout just by playing with you in the apartment. Like all dogs, terriers also love to go for walks. Terrier puppies get easily sick in cold or rain, so it is important to keep them warm and dry.


If taken proper care, they can live a long and healthy life. Their life expectancy is considered till 15 to 18 years and easily adapt to new surroundings.

Grooming of Coat

The beautiful, silky and long coat of your terrier requires less care than you expect. However, a weekly dog grooming session is a must. These animals get natural true hair and not fur like other dogs which means less shedding.

Names for Terriers

Your terrier will soon become your best friend, buddy and trusted confidant, as you spend more and more time with him. Here are some of the most popular male and female dog names.
Male Terrier Names Female Terrier Names
Ace Arby
Adam Ariel
Bam Bam Binky
Breezy Bella
Boomer Barbie
Booker Baily
Casey Cherie
Cairo Cherie
Male Terrier Names Female Terrier Names
Dudley Diva
Dundee Daisy
Hurricane Holla
Jet Juliet
Luke Lacy
Mickey Minnie
Male Terrier Names Female Terrier Names
Nicky Nada
Pilot Princess
Spencer Serena
Sprint Sugar
Topper Tilly
V Vegas
Potential owners can find puppies for adoption in the local animal shelter or dog pound. If you are thinking of buying a terrier puppy for your loved one, considering pet adoption is not a bad idea. You will be providing a home to a needy animal and doing a noble deed.
So we hope by reading so many cute things about terrier puppies, you must have decided on which terrier type you would like to buy for your house. Whenever you plan to purchase a dog, always take your children with you, as they are going to spend more time with the dog than you.