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10 Talking Birds to Have as Pets

Prajakta Patil
Amazon Parrot
Amazon parrots have very sweet voice. They can mimic the speech of humans with unusual clarity.
Grey Parrot
Grey parrot is a best talker African parrot. They are very famous for their grasping power and intelligence.
Macaw in another one in the good talker category. They easily learn words, but their speech is not always clear.
The cockatoo is a medium sized parrot. They can mimic of some words and phrases. They are very lovely and sociable birds.
Eclectus Parrot
The eclectus parrot easily learns human words. They are very friendly and sociable with their caretakers.
Parakeet is most popular talking bird. They are famous for their largest vocabulary.
Corvid is a songbird. It is basically from crow family such as ravens. It can mimic the human speech easily.
Starling is nothing but the European starling. They mimic human sound.
Mockingbird sings songs and mimics great number of sounds.
Australian Magpie
Australian magpie mimics human speech accurately.