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Start Your Own Pet Care Website Easily With Visual Stories

Manali Oak Jul 30, 2020
You may be thinking you will have to know web development and design or that you will have to pay huge fees and get these services from professionals to have your website started. You may have thought of starting a website as highly technical and hence difficult. However, with Visual Stories, it is not.
Visual Stories gives you a zero-code, hassle-free solution to create a website. You don't have to worry about the setup, hosting and maintenance of the website and it receives automatic feature updates.
The website created with Visual Stories is a Progressive Web App (PWA), which means it has the user experience of a native app and the reach of the web.
The website created with Visual Stories harnesses Web Stories as its content format. Web Stories are like social media stories, but they are search engine-friendly. Stories in the travel niche have started ranking in a dedicated section on Google's 1st page and soon to feature are Stories in other niches.
So individuals and businesses should adopt Web Stories for promoting their skills or their business because this content format helps one reach a global audience. Due to their visually engaging nature, Web Stories easily attract and hold user attention.
With Visual Stories, this strategic shift is easy. Since you can get the website started without worrying about technology, you can focus on creating content.
To create content on your website, you get access to the Visual Story Builder, a WYSIWYG Web Story creation tool that comes with a free media library of music and millions of images that can be added to your Stories. You can also upload your own images and videos in the Stories.
Boost your pet care business by starting your own website with Visual Stories.