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Small Dogs - Puppies for Adoption

Scholasticus K Mar 12, 2020
Adopting small dog puppies has again come into vogue after a time span of about half a century. Adopting puppies can be a very emotional event, as it is the welcoming of a new member into the family.
It is always said that a dog is man's best friend. Indeed, the dog was among the first animals to be domesticated by mankind. The dogs that are found today are mostly classified into different categories according to the work that they do or their size.
Some common types and their sub-category breeds are as follows.
  • Companion Dogs: Lap Dogs and Poodles
  • Guard Dogs: Bulldogs and Molossers
  • Hunting Dogs: Retrievers and Setters
  • Parish Dogs: Ferals
  • Pastoral Dogs: Collies and Welsh Corgis
  • Sledge Dogs: Eskimo dogs and Eurohounds
Out of all these breeds, companion dogs are the smallest in size and are prominently used as pets and companions. These dogs are the best small dogs for adoption. They are preferred as companions by many people due to the fact that they are small in size and also have very attractive coats.

German Spitz

The German Spitz, also known as the Deutscher Spitz, is a breed that originated in Germany. The dogs that belong to this breed are miniature in size when they are born and remain very short throughout their lives.
This breed has a flowing and soft fur with abundant hair on the tail. If you are living in tropical, sub-tropical, and monsoon regions, then your Spitz requires a haircut during the summer. This breed also needs a cool space to lie down and relax during the summer.
The diet is negligible and the dog does not keep on demanding high-calorie food. It is especially fond of places like gardens, which are a bit cooler than the atmospheric temperature. There are many different categories within the German Spitz breed. These categories are usually classified on the basis of the fur color.

Yorkshire Terrier

Among the small dogs, the Yorkshire terrier is the fluffiest and also the one which needs a good amount of care. This breed originated in England in the 17th century and became extremely popular in the mid 20th century. It is one of the favorite lapdogs of the nobility of Europe, and is a companion to many ladies of the high-class society.
It has outstanding intelligence and tends to carry itself very well. According to many dog owners, this breed is an excellent expression reader and always seems to understand the master's emotions. The only drawback is the excessive fur that needs a lot of care and frequent baths.


The Papillon is a category of spaniel that originated in Spain, Belgium, and France. One of the most noticed features of this dog is its butterfly-like ears and symmetrical face. The name of this breed is in fact derived from this feature.
It is found in a variety of shades and fur colors that range from black and white to lemon and sable. This breed possesses a surprising amount of strength and is rather fierce and aggressive. It has displayed extraordinary strengths in small dog competitions.
One must remember that puppies require a lot of care and love. These dogs are never good guard dogs or hunting dogs, but are certainly very lovable and faithful companions.