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Small Cat Breeds

Kanika Khara Mar 11, 2020
Small cat breeds do not refer to those domestic felines who are suffering from dwarfism or any other debilitating condition. Rather, these are 'small' cats as designed by nature, and this story will tell you all about them.
The cat is a small predatory carnivorous species of crepuscular mammal that belongs to the genus felis. It is also known as a domestic or house cat and has the ability to hunt vermin, scorpions, snakes, and unwanted household pests.
Historical records suggests that the cat was domesticated about 9,500 years ago in Mesopotamia. Today, there exist over a hundred breeds of domestic cats which can be identified by their appearance, vocalization, body language, eating habits, etc.
Out of these, the most unique and uncommon ones are those classified as 'small'. Here's a list of breeds included under this classification.


Devon Rex is a small cat breed which emerged in England during the 1960s. This cat's uniquely striking looks and small stature make it an adored breed.
Really, the large bat-winged ears and the equally large expressive eyes set on a tapering head make for a rather interesting-looking feline. The Devon Rex's personality is as unique as it looks―this is one beauty with brain. This is cat who is loyal, fun-loving, and loves to play and socialize―an actual delight to have around the home.


The Singapura cats can trace their origins to three street cats imported to America from Singapore in the 1970s. They are known for their large eyes and ears, brown-ticked coat and blunt tail. These cats are moderately stocky and muscular, having a short and fine coat. 
They have large, pointed and deep cupped ears with large almond-shaped eyes. Their tail is slender with a blunt tip, slightly shorter than the length of their body. These cats are active, playful and curious. Singapura cats are affectionate and have a tendency to perch on high places so as to have a better view of their surroundings.


It's all in the name in case of Munchkin cats―their impossibly-tiny legs are caused by a naturally occurring genetic mutation.
The Munchkin is mild-mannered, playful, friendly, social, and intelligent cat who does not mind being handled. It is important to note that its short legs do not interfere in the cat's movements, dismissing any concerns regarding its overall health and mobility.


The Cornish Rex is another specimen of a small cat, but this isn't its only unique feature.
This cat's soft-as-silk curled coat is often compared to velvet, karakul lamb, and even rabbit fur. Their large eyes and ears lend them a permanently-curious look, which also describes their prominent quality. Yes, these cats are enthusiastic explorers, and aren't as fragile as their appearance will lead you to believe.


One look at this gorgeous little bundle of fur can cause you to lose your heart, the American Curl cat is actually this cute. Those out-turned ears reminds one of the lynx, with long tufts fanning outward.
American Curls are adorable in every sense of the word, retaining a kitten-like playful demeanor through adulthood. These cats love their favorite human to the point of obsession―following him everywhere at all times.
Due to their lovable and human-oriented personality, it is easy to teach small cat breeds various tricks. They enjoy learning different things like walking on a harness and lead, and playing fetch. Besides being very cute, they are good companions for human beings.