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Seahorses as Pets

Kundan Pandey Mar 21, 2020
Seahorses are fascinating creatures that come with a set of instructions if you intend to keep them as pets. Read on to know more.
Recently, there has been an increasing trend amongst aquarium hobbyists to keep seahorses as pets. With the appropriate aquarium apparatus, among other needs, keeping these marine animals at your home is now possible.

Can You Keep Them as Pets?

Yes, keeping these animals as pets is not prohibited but it is managed by international trade laws. In many countries, it is legal to keep captive-bred seahorses, so you can easily get them without much problem in your state or country. Inquire about the same in your nearest aquarium or pet shops.


You need to spend at least USD40 to USD90 for captive bred seahorses. It is advisable to buy these animals from a reputed and authentic pet store in order to reduce the chances of getting duped.


These animals are not fit for a normal fish tank and so you have to get an aquarium designed that is specifically suited for them. It is advisable to purchase such animals from reputed dealers because the wild species won't be able to survive in the captive condition and they may perish within few days or weeks.
Seahorses thrive well in glass aquariums and sea water. Improper filtration system in the aquarium can cause discomfort and possible health problems to these pets.
Fluorescent light and plantation is important for them to thrive in the aquarium. Plants in the aquarium help in maintaining a healthy environment. Light helps in finding food in the aquarium. It also helps in the growth of algae. The importance of algae in aquariums can't be neglected as they help in maintaining proper pH concentration of water.
Ensure you also provide a resting place as they need to hold on to something when they are resting. Their diet consists of brine, frozen mysis, and predominantly shrimp. While wild seahorses usually prefer live food, the ones that are raised in tanks opt for frozen food items.
Although you need to pay extra attention when it comes to these marine organisms, they're not difficult to deal with as pets. Just follow these set of instructions and you're good to go!