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Saying Goodbye to Pets in the Most Loving Way

Anna Scott Aug 8, 2019
Anyone who loves animals knows how painful it is to when the time comes to bid a final farewell to a pet. Death is something that no one feels comfortable discussing, however, it is something that happens to all of us, and, as much as we would love to have our cherished companion animals beside us forever, it is also something which, sadly, happens to them.
Find Ways to Say Goodbye:
It may be useful to start thinking about how you might like to say goodbye to your beloved pets after they have departed.
The day they pass away will be a sad and distressing time and it can be hard to make decisions like these on the day or shortly after. It may, therefore, be worthwhile discussing and researching your preparation options.

Burial and Memorial Service

Many people choose to bury their beloved pets at home. This provides an opportunity to honor your companion animal’s life with a funeral or ceremony.
There's no reason you can't plan your own remembrance ceremony in their honor. Invite family members and close friends to your home and turn by turn share memories about your pet.

Outdoor Memorial

There are many ways to honor the memory of your pet in an outdoor memorial. Bury your pet’s ashes in your yard and plant a tree or create a pet headstone on which you can engrave your pets and a quote that encompasses the love you shared and time spent together.

Daily or Seasonal Reminders

One of the best ways for memorializing a pet is framing a photograph of your deceased pet and putting it on display in a prominent area of your home.
If your pet wore any identification tags on his or her collar, those could be made into key chains that you could personally use.

Sharing the Love With Other Animals

If you're not emotionally fragile, donating your time at an animal shelter may help heal your heart after losing a pet.
The animals will enjoy one-on-one interaction with a loving human, and you'll also benefit from the cuddles and undivided attention. You don't have to work directly with the animals if you're not ready.

Use Your Creativity

Losing a pet is a difficult life process and grieving looks different on every person. There are many ways you can remember your pet and share your love for him or her with others.
If you write or draw well, consider creating a memory book about your pet that passed. If you own a bakery, name a treat on the menu after your beloved pet.