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Samsung Has Announced a New Toy For Your Pet

Alex Mars Jan 10, 2020
At CES 2020, Samsung showed off Ballie, a personalized companion that understands and supports you, your family – even your pets!

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And this is part of the truth, because the company's new robot has a spherical shape and fairly fast speed. The local BB-8 is called Bally, it is used to control a smart home technology and help in a variety of situations: from security protocols and calls of its kind to, for example, fitness classes.

But still not worth buying if you have a pet.
During the presentation at CES, Ballie rode around the stage after the host and made special sounds. Later Samsung released a video in which other functions of the robot were announced: in the video, for example, he turned on the TV for a bored dog and broadcast it to the hostess on a smartphone.