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14 Reasons Dogs Make Better Friends Than Humans

Amita Ray Mar 2, 2020
Someone to listen to your problems, console you when you're sad, trust you when you've managed to do ten things wrong, and just plain and simple be there - no questions asked - does it get any better than this?
That's why we think it's good luck if you've managed to find good friends, but if you've managed to find the love of a dog, you should definitely be grateful.

Dogs for Better Health

According to a study carried out by researchers at the Department of Public Health Sciences at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, infants that grow up in a home with a dog are less likely to develop allergies like asthma and atopic dermatitis, and have a stronger immune system.

Dogs Are More Loyal

Not saying that friends can't be loyal, it's just that dogs are a tad bit better at it.
Has your dog ever let out a secret of yours? Or has it stolen your boyfriend? Together, you can be Batman and Robin, off to save the world. No matter what happens or where you go, your trusted li'l Robin will gladly follow.

Dogs Never Judge

No matter what you do, you'll always be perfect to your dog. A dog doesn't care for the clothes you wear or the car you drive.
A pat and a belly rub is all it took for him to be yours! It's funny how he knows every little secret about you and still loves you the way he does!

Dogs Are Always Happy to See You

We think time is something that has always eluded dogs. It doesn't matter if it's for a few minutes or a few hours, your dog is always happy to see you.
The grand welcome you get after you come home, especially after a difficult day, makes everything else seem just unimportant!

All Dogs Want Is Love With Bacon

Dogs don't care if they don't have a super comfy bed to snuggle in, a designer collar, or some really fancy snowshoes.
They're wired not to care much for comfort! A good back scratch with a strip of crispy bacon, and you have for yourself the happiest dog in the world!

Dogs Are Funnier Than Your Friends

Dogs never cared for rules and what the world thought of them (total badasses).
These clumsy, kinda goofy, not-so-suave snuggle monsters just fill your lives with a zillion 'rofl' moments. The best part is that you could join them in some of their goofiness (they won't judge) and have twice the fun.

Dogs Never Bail Out On You

Ever heard of a dog bail out on a trip to the park?
Dogs love to accompany their human masters everywhere and if it means getting outdoors, they're all the more happy. Doesn't matter where you take them (may be not the vet's), your little munchkin will happily tag along.

Dogs Are Better Listeners

Dogs make great listeners, they listen to all your non-stop babbling and never cut in when you're talking.
Not to forget, there are the occasional head-tilts that make you go all 'awww'. No matter what you tell them, rest assured that your secrets are safe with them (not so much with your human friends though).

Your Dog Will Protect You

Big or small, your dog has got your back! No matter how big the obstacle, you'll never have to face it alone; your dog will stand by you, selflessly, every time.

Dogs Help You Clean Up

People who have dogs at home never have to pick up food from the floor. Spilled milk? Why fear when your pooch is here! Just a few seconds, and you have got a squeaky-clean floor.

Dogs Make Better Exercise Motivators

Come rain or shine, be it Easter Sunday or even your birthday, you will be woken up by your slobber monster at 6 a.m. with a loving nudge and a few good morning kisses that you just can't ignore.
You will be forced to drag yourself out every time, just so you could take your little poop machine out for a walk or a run.

Dogs Are Always Ready to Cuddle

Your search for the ideal cuddle partner stops the very moment you bring home a dog! Even if it is 4 a.m., your furry friend will happily (okay sleepily) oblige you.
Remember the time you had a nasty cold and all your friends stayed away from you? A trivial thing like cold isn't going to scare your dog away. You could be covered in barf, and your dog will still be all game for a cuddle!

Dogs are Way Cooler Wingmen Than Your Friends

Put a leash on your dog and take him for a walk in a park, you will definitely get the attention of half a dozen people.
Now put a leash on your best friend and take him to the park, you'll get attention alright, but I am not sure if you'd want that kind of attention. On a serious note though, your dog can help you land more dates than three of your wingmen combined!

Dogs Never Complain

Whether you want to sit at home all day in your day-old sweatpants or make a spontaneous plan to go camping on a cold windy day, your dog will gladly chill with you.
Agreed that friends, best friends or significant others might do so, but one thing you can be sure of is a bit of whining in the process.

Dogs Make You A Better Person

For a little extra food, a little space, and a little love in return, a dog loves you for its entire life. You're always perfect in its eyes.
Such selfless love evokes a sense of responsibility and humility in us. With time, you learn to be patient, to laugh off petty things and know the importance of things that really matter. And you wonder how could you love someone so much despite their flaws, just to realize that you're loved equally with all your flaws.