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Ragdoll Cat Characteristics

Shalu Bhatti Mar 6, 2020
Ragdoll cats are one of the most adorable cats that you can ever have as pets. The distinctive characteristics of the Ragdoll cat make it all the more lovable than other kind of cats. Read this story to know how.
"A cat is just a cat, unless it is a Ragdoll." - Author Unknown
I totally agree with the aforementioned quote because I have always hated cats! They always gave me the creeps, and whenever I saw one, I thought as if it were telling me, "Who do you think you are?"... but yes, Ragdolls are different, I mean when they look at you it feels like they are saying, "Come and hug me, I like you".
These adorable blue eyed cats are just so humble and gentle, that any cat owner would be delighted to keep them as pets. These cats are absolutely docile and placid which makes them very different from the other cats who would come to attack you as soon as you cause them discomfort.
I mean I know how much of scratches I had got from my cat who was not a Ragdoll!
Not only in terms of their nature, these cats are also different in their appearance. If you have a look at a Ragdoll cat, they will distinctly stand out from the rest, being a perfect example of a calm, gentle, and elegant pet. A detailed explanation of the same is given below.

Characteristics of the Ragdoll Cat

These cats are the most popular and the most lovable cat breeds in the world today! They were first bred in the 1960s and they have traits of a Persian cat and a Birman cat. Over the years, this breed has been improvised and been bred again and again to get the traits and characteristics that were desired.
Remember when I said that the minute you look at a Ragdoll cat, it feels as if it is asking you to 'pick it up'! Well, the most interesting and adorable trait of this cat is that it loves to be picked up and has the tendency to go limp when that is done.
It is also very calm and gentle, with its coat as soft as fur, who wouldn't want a cat like that? I know I would!


What words do I use to describe these peaceful creatures? They are extremely calm, docile, placid, gentle, affectionate, friendly, intelligent, and approachable. What else does one seek in a pet? In fact, they are so calm that most of the people tend to believe that they do not experience pain.
This nature is also accredited to the genetic mutation that has resulted by breeding the Persian and the Siamese cat. So, if you accidentally end up stepping on your cat's tail, rest assured that these cats would not end up clawing you!


These cats come in 6 different colors which consists of three different kinds of patterns. The color combinations include cream, chocolate, lilac, blue, seal, and red. The pattern of the color on their coat also varies from one Ragdoll to another.
There is the mitted pattern wherein the hind legs, abdomen, and the paws are white, and belly strips visible from under the chin to the genitals.
Apart from the mitted pattern, you will also find Ragdoll cats in the pointed color pattern wherein the nose, tails, paws, and the ears are colored with a dark color and the rest of the body has a lighter shade; and last but not the least there is the bicolor pattern in the Ragdoll cats wherein they have white inverted 'V' on the forehead.

Coat Patterns

I have already mentioned about the fact that Ragdoll cats have the softest coat and it is an absolute delight to run your hand over it! Though they have a plushy coat, they do lack the dense undercoat that usually consists underneath. This actually proves to be a plus point for pet owners as this leads to reduced amount of hair matting and shedding!

Other Physical Traits

Well, the Ragdoll cat breed definitely comes under the large domestic cat breeds that exist in this world. Most of the time, the mitted Ragdolls are confused with the Birmans, but it is their larger size that distinguishes them from each other.
The male cats are larger than the female cats and they weigh within the range of 5-9 kg, while the female cats weigh within 3.5-6.8 kg. They tend to have a large frame and a stout body type.
Ragdoll cats are great pets if you are looking for a cute, adorable, lazy, and huggable fluffy ball in your lap. They are also known to gel well with other pets. In fact, apart from the activeness, their traits are very similar to those of dogs. Their average lifespan ranges between 9-15 years and they can give birth to 4 kittens at a time.
I am sure that after reading this piece of information on Ragdoll cats, you just can't wait to find one for yourself right now, correct? Well, then, what are you waiting for, just go to the nearest pet store and get one for yourself so that you can experience how these cats can be the most gentle, calm, and huggable pets you can ever get!