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Rabbit Hutch Designs

Pragya T Aug 1, 2020
Are you wondering what is a good design for a rabbit hutch? Then go through these tips to learn what are the various hutch designs, and the best possible one for your pet rabbits.
Rabbits are cute animals and are quite popular as pets. To keep the rabbits living a long, healthy, and happy life, you need to provide them a proper diet and enough exercise too.
Rabbits like to hop around, so an environment where they get exercise is good for them. But, to keep your pets in one place you need to provide them a house. So, what is the best hutch?

Which is the Best Design for a Rabbit Hutch?

If you go online, you will see hundreds of different designs. There are really big hutches which are a good option, if you have many rabbits. But, if you have 2 - 3 rabbits, then no need to spend money on really big hutches. You can go with a medium-sized one that provides ample space for your pets.
You can place the hutch in the yard, out in the open. As you are going to keep the hutch outdoors, it is important to choose from hutches which have a good shed to protect your pets from different weather conditions.
There are many good outdoor hutches available. So, again the choice is yours. The best hutches are those which are not on the ground, but above the ground and have a play area separated from the sleeping area. Also, a wooden hutch made for outdoor works the best.
If you don't wish to buy a rabbit hutch and are a DIY enthusiast, then you will find free designs online. You can simply download hutch plans and follow the instructions mentioned in the plans to build a cozy home for your pet rabbit.
However, if you are not a DIY enthusiast, then no need to go through the DIY hutch plans. You can simply buy a good hutch online. There are many to choose from. One of the best design is of Deluxe Rabbitat Hutch from Ware Mfg., it also makes great as a winter rabbit hutch.
But if you have many pets, then go with Rabbit Hutch and Run by Petplanet: Medium Apex model. If you like to keep the rabbit indoors, but don't want them nibbling at wires or other stuff then consider a small temporary wire mesh indoor hutch, which comes at very affordable price.
Now, let us look at what is the ideal hutch design. The best designs are those which are made from the rabbit's care point of view. For each rabbit weighing minimum a pound, you need to provide at least a square foot area inside a hutch. The cage should be big enough to give the rabbit enough space if it grows up or has babies.
Rabbits are nervous by nature and a hutch which has a nesting box is a good idea, as they can retreat inside it if they feel threatened. Also, having rabbit hutch which is elevated from the ground is a good idea, as it will prevent predators from reaching the pet rabbits, plus the elevated designs will keep the hutch at a stable more warm temperature.
This will be appreciated by your pet better. Also, a wire mesh play area combined with a nesting box will provide a play area for your pet, which they can use when they feel like hopping around. So, keep in mind these tips to select the best hutch.