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Information About Puggles

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Jul 23, 2020
Looking for some information about puggles? They are real cuddly dogs with a playful temperament. If you are planning to bring home one, the following facts will help you know your pet better.
Puggles are designer canines that have continued to be popular pets since the 80s. They have cute looks and a curly tail. They have a wrinkled forehead and a stout body that makes them very appealing. Puggles are the favorite choice of many A-list celebrities and they are also very popular playmates for children.
Puggles are not a pure breed dog, but a cross-breed between a purebred male pug and a purebred female beagle. The main aim to cross-breed these two dogs was to get characters of each dog into the offspring. Thus, it has a thick set body, smooth coat, and short hair. They have the characteristics of a pug that includes the wrinkled forehead and drooping ears.


You will find puggles have coat colors in tan or fawn. You may also find some that have black and white markings. Some have tri-color coats. Thus, there are a wide variety of beautiful puggles which can bring smiles to your faces.


They are very active and love it when they are showered with attention. They love human interaction and if left alone for long periods, they get bored and lonely. This may cause the otherwise even-tempered dogs to destroy things and bark incessantly. They are an excellent choice for families with children and other pets. They are generally friendly with strangers. When a stranger arrives, they begin to bark or make sounds to announce the new arrival.


Just as children are always busy playing and thus very difficult to make them sit and study, puggles also want to play all the time. Thus, it makes people think they are difficult to train.
With a little firmness in your voice and an authoritative body language, you can teach these boisterous dogs to sit down, stay, settle, take it, leave, fetch, roll over, come, etc. They can also be taught to use the litter box. These small dogs prove to be good listeners.
You should never raise your voice or yell at your puggle while training and never ever strike your dog. This will result in the dog developing negative feelings towards you and the dog's obedience level will come down considerably.
You need to have a lot of patience and dog treats while training. The dog is always ready to please and showering him with praise will result in making him learn the trick faster.


Puggles are short hair dogs. They do shed, but not much and their short hair does not pose a difficult problem around the house. Grooming is relatively simple and you just need to spend a few minutes brushing their coat with a soft-bristle brush. You should brush the coat once a week, as it will help removing all the dead hair and dander.
Brushing also helps spreading the natural skin oils throughout the coat and thus giving a sleek and shiny look to the dog coat. Another advantage of once a week grooming is that the number of hair shed will reduce considerably. Puggles have floppy ears, and are thus prone to infections. You need to clean their ears and avoid the risk of ear infection.


When you bring home a puggle puppy, do not shower him with too much love. You need to show some discipline and authority, as it will teach him who is in charge. This is a difficult task, but you need to do it for the dog's own good. You should not spoil the puppies, as these little endearing puppies grow into adorable, hyper dogs.
You need to show the puppy, which areas around the house he can run off and which areas he is not supposed to enter. You need to begin to litter train your puppy from the start, so that he forms a habit to use it every time he needs to. You need to take care of the health, and thus, take him to the vet. Speak to your vet and check out the various shots and vaccines your dog should be administered. You can also ask the vet, when can you spray or neuter your puggle if you want. You should also begin with leash training with the puppies.

Exercise Regime

Exercise is very important for puggles. These is a highly active dog breed, and hence, you should keep the dog physically and mentally active. You should take them out for walks on a leash. You can play Frisbee and ball with them in the park. They do well in an apartment and you need to give them ample space to romp and run with many dog toys to play with.


Health information shows that they are prone to hereditary health problems. Thus, you should buy puppies from known and responsible breeders only. The common dog health problems you may encounter are respiratory problems, heat intolerance, skin infections, especially on the face, eye infections, ear infections, and nose wrinkles.
This was some basic information about puggles. They are lively pets that will always keep you on your toes (believe me, you will enjoy their notorious antics). Like all dogs they will be your friends for life and give you back all the love and affection you shower on them. You should do plenty of research regarding puggles and dog care before you get home these high-spirited dogs. Puggles are great pets, respect them and they will respect you back for life.