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Impossibly Cute Pug Pictures

Mayuri Kulkarni Mar 13, 2020
Pugs are rated amongst the top few pet breeds by owners. Here is a collection of pictures of these really cute dogs...
Pugs get their name from the Latin word Pugness, meaning fist. The name was given because of the shape of their mouth which looks like a clinched fist. The distinct characteristic of their scrunched muzzle often makes these dogs full of expression. You can find many endearing pictures of pugs which can also be quite funny because of their expressive faces. Given below are few such pictures. Enjoy!

Nap Time

The Human Connection

For the Love of Hats

Fun With Friends

All Dressed Up and Ready to Pose

Just Chillin'

General Information about Pugs


Pugs are considered to be one of the oldest dog breeds t have originated in the Orient, sometime around 5th century BC. Orient is a term used to refer to the countries of Asia. The history of pugs has always been a question of debate. Some people believe that these dogs were specifically found in China. Hence they are also called Chinese pugs
They were brought to Europe in the 16th century by the British, when they discovered the breed during an attack on China. But some historians state that pugs were introduced to Holland by Dutch traders even before they were brought to England. 
Hence they are also sometimes called Dutch Mastiffs. There are many beliefs on how pugs were introduced in the Western Hemisphere. Pugs were very popular pets during Victorian times, and were considered royal pets.

Physical Features

From the pictures you can tell that the pug has a unique nose. Their short, wrinkled muzzles make them stand apart from other breeds. Their faces are quite similar to Bulldogs. A pug's body is square shaped with a curled tail. 
They have a compact body covered with short, smooth fur. They have soft, velvety ears and round, dark, large, lustrous and very expressive eyes! Short skinny legs and a broad neck with dewlap, gives their body a squarish appearance. Silver, apricot, black and fawn are some of the common fur colors found in this breed.


Pugs are a toy breed. These dogs are very friendly and have a pleasant temperament. They are fondly called "clowns", because their antics can make you laugh and entertain you most of the time. Pugs get along well with all the family members - infants and senior people included. 
They even enjoy the company of visitors! They are very playful, loyal to their master, cheerful and generally tend to get along well with other pets. They are intelligent dogs and hence can be trained easily.
They are sensitive to voice, so a low pitch of voice needs to be used while communicating with them. Jealousy and insecurity are observed rarely. Though pugs are small, they can make good watchdogs if trained accordingly.
In short, pugs are very loving, cheerful, friendly, playful and devoted pets. They love their master and love to follow him/her around all the time.

Health and Exercise

Pugs are relatively easy to care for. The most important concern is the cleaning of the muzzle area. They require exercise on a daily basis, but care should be taken to avoid vigorous exercise, since they can experience breathing problems.
Pugs are susceptible to colds, asthma and other breathing problems due to the structure of their muzzle, and they tend to sneeze frequently. They are also prone to health issues like CHD and pug dog encephalitis. They have delicate eyes and hence they tend to weep. Pugs cannot bear excessive heat, so they need a cool place, specially during summer months.

Pug Breeds

Pug chihuahua is a mix of pug and chihuahua dogs, and inherits the features of both these breeds. Miniature pugs or teacup pugs are rare and not an actual breed of pug.They are similar to pug chihuahuas in appearance.
All in all, pugs make for the most adorable pets, and unless you loathe dogs, you will not regret including a pug in your family!