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Petting Zoos in India

There are undoubtedly many zoos in India where you can admire the animals from afar. But, have you ever visited a zoo that lets you play with the animals, and feed them yourself? There are a few places in India, where you can closely interact with some wonderful pets.

Manas Resort with Petting Zoo

The charming hill station of Igatpuri, Maharashtra, holds a slice of paradise for animal and bird lovers. Manas Resort with Petting Zoo takes the crown for being the first petting zoo in India.
Scores of friendly exotic birds and animals, including Macaws, Silkie Bantams, African Grey Parrots, Siberian Huskies, Japanese Akitas, Sugar Gliders and many more are waiting to greet you at the resort! Walk in the resort’s aviaries to spend time with the birds, or play with the canines in the 15,000 sq ft off-leash park.
Manas Resort also receives your pets with open arms. Bring along your furry friends and watch them interact with the animals at the zoo, splashing happily in a pool specially made for pets, or exercising on the park’s agility equipment. Their eating preferences will be taken care of by the resort. But you can bring your own pet food.
With comfortable and luxurious accommodation options, and amenities like a spa, an infinity swimming pool, outdoor yoga, a man-made waterfall, and many others, Manas Resort is the perfect destination near Mumbai for a relaxing getaway from the hectic city life.

The Martin Farm

Spread over two acres of lush green lands in Bangalore, Karnataka, the Martin farm is the residence of Ossie and Marie Martin, and their animal family. It is open to visitors for spending a few hours in the vicinity of the farm animals including horses, rabbits, turtles, ducks, emus, geese, cows, and lambs among others.
The farm, along with being a respite from the tedious routine of city life, is a great way to teach children about the ways of animals, and instill values of empathy and kindness in them.

Japalouppe Equestrian Centre

Japalouppe in Pune, a leading equestrian center in India, offers a fulfilling day out at their petting farm for animal lovers. Make friends with Damru and Dumdum - the turkeys, Zohra - the Rottweiler, Shaggy and Maggie - the emus, Minnie - the pig, and many more! You can even feed them treats under the staff’s supervision.
The center offers horse riding sessions for their guests, with ponies being used for the little visitors. You can also enjoy breakfast, lunch and high tea depending on the time of your visit.
If you are fond of animals, you should consider visiting one of these petting zoos soon.