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So You Want a Pet Rabbit? - Is a Bunny Right for You?

Janna Seliger Jul 27, 2020
Here are some reasons for and against getting a pet rabbit, so that you can make an educated decision. Take a look...
Bringing a pet rabbit into your home isn't something you do on a whim. It takes careful consideration, research, and education on how to properly care for the bunny.
Rabbits are not as easy to care for as hamsters, for example. They require more attention, but despite having a pet rabbit can be incredibly rewarding. They are affectionate and playful creatures, and the bond between human and rabbit can be as strong, if not stronger, than that between a human and a dog or a cat.
If you want a rabbit, here are some legitimate reasons for getting one

★ You want a companion to keep you company.

★ You have another rabbit who needs a companion.

★ You have a passion for animals and would like to care for a bunny in need.

These are by far the best answers to the question, "Why do you want a rabbit?"
If you've found your answers, keep in mind that there are thousands of rabbits out there in need of homes. Don't buy one from a pet store if you've got an animal shelter nearby filled with abandoned rabbits. An adopted rabbit will be just as loving, if not more so, than one purchased from a pet store.
If you're looking for a particular breed and you aren't able to find it, you may want to search the Internet for a breeder in your area. However, adopting one from a shelter is still highly recommended, because no matter what the breed, a rabbit is still a rabbit.
Let us look at some common bad reasons to get a rabbit.

★ "I want a pet for my young child."

★ "I saw a cute one in the pet store and I couldn't resist."

★ "It's Easter and I think it'd be a cute gift for my children."

★ "I'm bored with my other pets and I want something new."
Anyone who lists any of these reasons might have not done their research. They don't realize that rabbits can live to be over ten years of age. They also don't realize that they are not good pets for young children. If you have young children, the care of the rabbit must not be entrusted to them, as they are not yet mature enough to properly do this task.
Many adults are not even mature enough to care properly for a rabbit, so you shouldn't expect a young child to be able to do that. Getting a rabbit on a whim is also a poor decision, because you may later decide that a rabbit is not the right pet for you, and it will end up in a shelter with the thousands of other abandoned rabbits out there.
If your decision is carefully decided and well-educated, a rabbit can become your best friend. They will give you many hours of enjoyment every day as well as a brand of love and affection that only a rabbit can give. If your decision is not educated, however good your intentions are, both you and the rabbit will have to suffer the consequences.