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Natural Flea Control

Buzzle Staff Jul 25, 2020
Flea infestation can be the cause of your frustration. Natural Flea Control will help you without putting your health in danger.
Fleas are parasitic insects which suck blood. It is small in size and wingless. Generally, fleas are found in the hair of animals. They can transmit diseases like plague. Infestation of fleas is truly a cause of worry if you have pets in the house.
Flea bites can cause inflammation of the skin. The affected area may be swollen and remain itchy for a few days. Fleas on animals can affect human health too. Thus, for the health and safety of animals and humans alike, flea control is of utmost importance.
Fleas are found to be resistant to certain chemicals, in which case, flea control methods using synthetic pesticides fail. Harsh chemicals may not always have the intended effect.
They are rather found to poison the animals, and also affect the health of the house residents. Here, we give you some guidelines to control fleas using natural methods, and thus combat flea infestation.
  • Do not use toxic pesticides. There are many chemical products available in the market. But using them involves a health risk for the pets at home, as these synthetic products may prove to be toxic to the animals.
  • One of conventional ways to control fleas is to use Pyrethrins. But even they may poison the pets.
  • Some pesticides like Organophosphates and Carbamates are also available which paralyze the insects. But, that is not a safe way as it can have the same effect on animals. Certain pesticides may even cause cancer in animals.
  • Another way to control flea infestation, or rather prevent it, is to keep your house clean. Lack of cleanliness and prevalence of unhygienic conditions create an environment conducive for the fleas to grow.
  • Fleas lay eggs in carpets, sofas, rugs, mattresses, on the floor, in animal beddings, etc. Sprinkling pennyroyal in such areas of the house helps restrict the flea population.
  • Even pets in the house should be kept clean. Bathe them regularly and comb their hair. You can add some herbal oil to the water while bathing your pets.
  • Feed the pets with natural, good-quality, nutritional food. Mix up one or two garlic cloves in the food of animals. This will help in keeping the fleas away. Brewer's yeast also can be added to the food of animals.
  • The outdoors should also be clean so as to prevent flea infestation. Sprinkle diatomaceous earth in your garden. That will help in the control of fleas.
  • Nematodes feed on flea larva, thus acting as natural flea killers. Use nematodes in your garden or backyard.
Adopting natural methods of flea control is always safe, as it involves less or no risk as far as your or your pet's health is concerned. Chemicals can lead to poisoning in animals and have adverse effects on the health of humans too, especially children and the aged. Go the natural way. Stay safe.