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Most Intelligent Dogs

People prefer dogs not only for their loyalty, but also for their smartness. A dog is considered as one of the smartest animals on earth. This article lists the ten most intelligent breeds.
Dogs are adaptable animals. They are capable of interacting with human beings. They understand things that humans never thought they could. Given below are the ten most intelligent dog breeds. This list has been put in a random order and the breeds have not been listed according to any rankings.

Border Collie

Intelligent dogs need a job to do. If they don't have a job or responsibility, they can become quite bored and unhappy. The Border Collie is no different. People all around the world consider this dog as the most intelligent one. Due to its active lifestyle and adaptable nature, it is considered one of the smartest dogs around. It requires a lot of playing activity. It is a master in showcasing its skills in dog shows. It is an extremely loyal breed.

Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher is famous for its temperament all around, but it is a fast and bold breed. It loves to work and play with its owners. It can be an ideal choice for a family dog but should be trained from the very beginning. It is very protective about its master and family. It ranks quite high in the list of smart dogs.


The Poodle is an excellent choice for a family dog. It loves to be around people and hates loneliness. This dog is easy to train and can learn new skills very easily. Some Poodles are also trained to be guard dogs. Overall, this breed is sensitive by nature.

Golden Retriever

It is one of the most famous and most intelligent dog breeds. It signifies everything that people love about dogs - loyalty, patience, and being a loving guardian of the home and children. It can be trained quite easily and also excels at performing tricks in competitions.

German Shepherd

One of the most fearless and bold breeds of dogs, it is best recognized for its athletic abilities and strength. It is one of the best guard dogs but should be trained from an early age by a loving but firm master. It is one of the popular choices when it come to choosing a family dog because of its nature of adaptability. Due to its intelligence, it makes an excellent police dog.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is an extremely loving, affectionate, and patient dog. It is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. It loves to play and needs a lot of exercise. It tends to put on weight if there is no physical activity involved in its routine. Due to its loving nature, it is a favorite breed among kids.


The Rottweiler's intimidating nature is a well-known fact. Due to this fact, this breed has a fearful reputation which is not exactly true. It is extremely loyal to its master and is known to be highly-trainable if the training begins from a young age.

Shetland Sheep Dog

One of the smartest dog breeds available, the Shetland sheep dog was actually trained to take care of the herds of sheep while they were grazing, a job that requires high levels of intelligence. This dog enjoys love and attention from its owner more than anything else.


Though the Papillon is small in size, it is very active and bold, and sometimes a little moody and aggressive. It is very easy to train and apart from being a smart breed, it is also known for its loving nature.

Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle dog is a very popular and active dog breed. It is very easy to train and requires a high level of activity. It needs to be exercised physically and mentally. Originally bred to herd cattle in Australia, this is a very rational breed, protective about its master and property.