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Miniature Beagle

Madhura Pandit Aug 13, 2020
The miniature or pocket beagle has been a favored pet for a long time. Here is more information on this dog breed.
It is a well-known fact that beagles were the favorite pets of British monarchs, starting from Queen Elizabeth I. Even today, arguably, they are the most loved pets in the world. Many celebrities have also been photographed with their pet beagles and hence, the curiosity about this breed of dog has risen.

Beagle Information

Beagle is a dog breed belonging to the hound group. They are small or medium-sized and can be field dogs as well as family dogs. They are most prominently found in black, tan, brown, white color, and in rare cases, in lemon color. They can also have tricolor coats.
The highlighting features of a beagle are, their broad and rounded head; ears long and wide; round feet and a curled up tail. Their eyes are black or brown and have a peculiar pleading expression.
Beagles can grow up to 13-15 inches in height and can weigh around 20-25 pounds (9-11 kg). They have a strong sense of smell and hence, are also used in dog squads.
Beagles are fun-loving, gentle, and playful creatures. They are lively, sociable, and also get along well with children. As they were previously used as hunting dogs, they have hunting instincts. These dogs are known to be very determined and require proper training, in order to soften them up.
An untrained beagle has an immediate instinct to fight, when it comes in contact with other dogs. But, a trained one can adapt well to outdoor as well as indoor environment. A beagle has a loud and baying cry. It is also found to be susceptible to heart and vision disorders.

Mini Beagles

Smaller versions of a regular or standard beagle are known as mini, pocket, or miniature beagles. They are also known as the cousins of the beagles. Their height is 7-10 inches and they weigh 8-15 pounds. They were popular since the time of Queen Elizabeth I. She had a pet beagle that could even fit inside a glove, and hence, it also came to be known as pocket beagle. Edward II and Henry VIII also had pet mini beagles.
These dogs are not meant for hunting, and are usually used as pets or show-dogs. They are lovable and gentle, but not easy to train. Puppies require a lot of attention and constant care. Miniature beagles are found in a variety of colors and their physical features are just like the ordinary beagle.
Dwarfism is commonly observed in mini beagles, and hence, their legs look very tiny, just like that of the Basset hound. It is a universal debate whether the miniature beagle is a genuine variety of dogs or an outcome of poor breed. Before thinking of getting this pet, you should first look for the registration certificate and also the trademark. Queen Elizabeth pocket beagles have a Queen Elizabeth Pocket Breeds Foundation certificate.
If you are thinking of having beagles for adoption, you should gain complete information about their food habits, nutrition requirement, care, bedding, etc. As they are sociable, brave, and intelligent, pocket beagles are great pets to have.