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Mexican Redknee Tarantula Care

It is very necessary to have basic knowledge about Mexican Red knee tarantula care if someone is considering to make this spider a pet. Know how to take care of a Mexican Redknee tarantula...
There are many people in this world who like doing things differently. For instance; an average man would take a dog or a cat as a pet, but some are just not satisfied with a normal pet, they like having an exotic and different looking pet. It is all about having different interests.
People like keeping snakes, lizards, horses and some prefer spiders. Out of the various spider species that are allowed to keep as pets, the Mexican Redknee tarantula is a popular choice and this article educates readers about keeping the animal under good care.
There are many tarantula species around the world and most of them display similar behavioral characteristics, while a few others are totally different. The Mexican Redknee is one such amazing tarantula which is very popular among exotic pet lovers all around the world.
Also known as the Brachypelma smithi or Mexican Red-Kneed tarantula, this terrestrial tarantula is native to Mexico. This tarantula has one of the longest life span among spiders on the planet.
If taken proper care of, the females can live up to 30 years while the males usually live for 7 to 10 years. The tarantula has a dark-colored body with orange patches on its leg joints. The color of the body will turn dark or light depending on the molting.

Mexican Redknee Tarantula Care Sheet

People who want to keep the Mexican Redknee tarantula as a pet should know that taking care of these tarantulas can be an easy task if the owner follows a few golden rules.

Temperature and Humidity

As they are native to Mexico, it is important that they are placed in an environment which has humidity. The ideal temperature for their survival is 21 to 26°C. Although this species can survive in low temperatures, temperatures lower than 16°C are not ideal for them.
Humidity should be between 40% to 60% and if the tarantula is kept in hot weather make sure there is a lot of ventilation. Overheating can kill the tarantula and low temperature can increase the growth of fungi.


One of the most important aspects of Mexican Redknee tarantula is to make sure that its breeding location has a comfortable bedding or substrate to maintain the level of humidity around it. The bedding layer should be non-toxic and should not be made of any hard material that can damage the body of Mexican Redknee spider.
The layer of bedding should also be capable enough to hold some moisture and should be biologically neutral so that it doesn't encourage fungi growth. People can use vermiculite, coire peat and sphagnum moss for bedding.
Avoid the usage of sand as it can damage the health of the spider. These species are diggers and will dig burrows to make their stay more easy.


Make sure the food is not bigger in size than the eater. These tarantulas feed on crickets, locusts, meal worms, cockroaches, and other types of dead insects. If the tarantula is of a bigger size, morio worms can be fed.
Some studies also say that these species can feed on various vertebrate species but this is still a debatable issue, so stay with insects. Observe the feeding behavior of the tarantula and feed them thrice a week. Never feed the tarantula live insects as it makes the animal stressful.


If the owner is a first timer and has no experience regarding the mating process of the Mexican Redknee tarantula, expert counseling is advised. The owner should keep a track of the molting session to keep a track of when the tarantula needs a partner. Never disturb the molting activity of the tarantula and never place a male and female in the same area without proper guidance.

Water Requirements

The Mexican Redknee tarantula doesn't require water at all times but it is necessary that water should be available for the tarantula at all times. Dropping small drops of water on the bedding is good for young tarantulas while the elders need a water source near them at all times. Water should be changed daily and should not contain any sponge or cotton as the tarantula can consume it and choke.
Taking care of a Mexican Redknee tarantula is pretty simple if the owner understands the basics and deals with tarantula with patience. It is necessary to watch out for fungal and bacterial growth which can damage the health of the tarantula.
A medium-sized fish tank serves as an ideal home for the Mexican Redknee tarantula and the tank should be cleaned only with hot water; usage of chemicals and dish washing detergents should be avoided.