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Manas Resort: The Perfect Place to Pamper Your Pets!

From celebrating their pet's birthdays to taking them on a vacation, pet owners take every opportunity to pamper their furry friends. Here's why Manas Resort makes a great place for an outing with your pets.
If you wish to vacation with your pets, plan your getaway to Manas Resort with Petting Zoo in Igatpuri. Surrounded by the misty mountains with an essence of nature’s beauty, this is one of the best pet-friendly resorts around.
It is the first petting zoo in India, and an ideal place to pamper your pets. It has top amenities for the pet guests! There are walk-in aviaries and a pet park where you can take your pets along, and many recreational activities your pets can engage in.

Off-Leash Pet Park

15000 sq.ft lawn area just for pets! Your canine buddies can exercise and play their hearts out!
The pet park is a fenced area with lush greenery and dogs like the Japanese Akita, Long coat German Shepherd, Rough Collies, Siberian Huskies, French Bulldogs, and Jack Russell Terriers that are socialized.
The park also has agility equipment like doggie jump hoops, a see-saw, a dog walk ramp, dog jump bars, weave posts, canvas tunnels and doggie rest tables!

Pet Training

Manas Resort allows you to make the most of your vacation by entertaining your pets and also by getting them trained with a very experienced trainer, Mr. Sachin Raawte.

The Food Luxury

This resort offers healthy and delicious food options taking into account the likes and dislikes of your pet! You can also bring your own pet food.
So, don’t give it a second thought and visit this beautiful resort for a fun vacation with your pets.