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Manas Resort: A Dream Destination for Dog Lovers

Love dogs? Does your ideal vacation include spending quality time surrounded by man’s best friends? Well, pack your bags and head off to Manas Resort, near Mumbai, Maharashtra, where you will find canines aplenty, waiting to welcome you with open paws!

A Resort Unlike Any Other

Nestled in the charming hill station of Igatpuri, Manas Resort with Petting Zoo takes the cake for being the first petting zoo in India. An abode to many exotic birds and animals, the resort’s guests are free to interact with the animals at their own comfort.

Dogs Galore!

From Japanese Akitas, Long Coat German Shepherds to French Bulldogs and Rough Collies, you will get to play with a great variety of the cutest members of the canine family.

Exotic Extravaganza

Along with dogs, a large number of exotic bird species like Macaws, African Grey Parrots and exotic mammals like Mini Lops, German Angoras, and many more reside at Manas Resort. These friendly fur balls are well trained to socialize with the resort’s patrons.

Bring Along Your Furry Child

The resort will also gladly receive your own pets, and ensure that they will have a stay to remember.
Your pets can play in the resort’s 15,000 sq ft off-leash park and make friends with the in-house animals, or frolic in a pool specially made for them. You can get your pets trained from the in-house pet trainer. They can exercise on the park’s agility equipment like dog jump bar, doggie jump hoops, etc. to improve their agility and shed off excess energy.

Put the Pedal to the Metal

Along with four-legged and feathered playmates, Manas Resort ensures you have a relaxing vacation with comfortable accommodation and amenities like spa, infinity swimming pool, and much more. Pack your bags and hit the road, for our canine buddies are waiting for your arrival with eagerly wagging tails!