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Low-Maintenance Pets

Gagan Dhillon Mar 13, 2020
If you are planning to get a pet but haven't owned one before, then it is best to start off with low-maintenance pets. Read on to find information about low-maintenance pets.
Pets make perfect company and in their own way, they can make us feel wanted and cared for. But it isn't easy looking after a pet. One needs to devote time and energy to truly be in sync with the pet. Only then, can one get the best out of the experience of owning a pet.
In this fast-paced life, not everyone has the time needed, to devote to a pet. So what does one do if one really wants a pet? The best option will be to opt for low-maintenance pets, which are usually happy in their own company and do not require too much attention from you, unlike dogs.
If you get a dog, you will have to spend lots of time with him, else he will become lonely and depressed. If you are a working professional who is always on the go, and can't be there 24*7 attending to the pet, then small, low-maintenance pets are ideal for you.

Low-Maintenance Family Pets

If you are planning to get your family their first pet, then your best approach is to pick one whose care is easy. Low-maintenance pets like fish, birds and cats are ideal.
Fish: You can get home one or two goldfish, or if you think you can handle more, you can get a small aquarium with a school of small fish. Looking after fish is pretty easy, one has to feed them once a day and change the water once in two weeks. These days automatic food dispensers are available, so all you need to do is fill it once in 10 days and the machine looks after feeding the fish. You can also get a filter fitted in the aquarium, so that the cleaning is done automatically. The most common low-maintenance aquarium fish are catfish, guppies, mollies, sword-tails and betta fish.
Birds: As far as birds are concerned, exotic species and large birds need a lot of maintenance. So pick one that is small and which requires minimum maintenance. The advantage of owning a bird is that they have reasonable social skills, so your bird will be interacting with you. They supposedly have the social skills of 2-year-olds, and the intelligence level of 5-year-olds! Low-maintenance birds require a simple diet and minimum grooming. You can pick parakeets, hummingbirds, lovebirds, crannies or finches as pets. Birds make wonderful pets, and your house will always be cheerful with their happy and playful chirping sounds.
Cats: For a first time pet owner, cats can be ideal pets. They are much easier to look after than dogs since they are highly independent, and do not require as much attention as dogs. They groom themselves and they can even find food for themselves, which makes them ideal low-maintenance pets. Just leave adequate food and water for them, and they will take care of themselves. Besides which, you will not have to worry about rodents anymore! Imagine coming home to a soft fur ball, or watching late night TV with your cat curled up on your lap..

Low-Maintenance Pets for Kids

The perfect way to instill a sense of responsibility in a child, is gifting him a low-maintenance pet. The child will bond with it and learn to care for it. The best pets for kids are ant farms, hamsters and lizards.
Ant Farm: Children will love ant farms, since they require minimum maintenance and are educational as well. The best thing about this, is that one can actually build an ant farm at home. The only thing that a child needs to do, is keep the ant farm in a safe place and provide food for the farm.
Hamsters: Hamsters are another option for good low-maintenance pets for kids. Caring for hamsters and guinea pigs is not very tedious. The child just needs to provide them with food and water. As far as cleaning of the cage is concerned, you can always help out, till your child learns to do it himself.
Lizards: For those who love reptiles, lizards would be perfect pets, although they require slightly more maintenance than the rest of the low-maintenance pets, as regards the temperature, lighting, space, etc. But these are not very demanding things and can be taken care of without much hassle. Lizards make ideal pets, for children who have fur allergies. If you think your child can handle giving live food and provide supervision during the breeding season, then lizards as pets are perfect.

Some More Examples

  • Hermit crabs
  • Turtles
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Chinchillas
  • Mini Rabbits
  • Pacman Frogs
  • Chickens
  • Small snakes
  • Hedgehogs
  • Sugar Gliders
  • Tarantulas
  • Madagascar Hissing Cockroach
In their own way, pets can teach us wonderful lessons. They are great stress busters, and a nice way to be connected to nature. Many times, we tend to forget that animals too can feel and show emotions. For first time pet owners, this can be an incredible experience. So go ahead and get home a low-maintenance pet. It can be a very beautiful and humbling experience, to love and be loved by these wonderful creatures!