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List of Small House Dogs

Puja Lalwani Apr 13, 2020
Dogs are a man's best friend. However, not all dog breeds are necessarily suitable for everyone. This story provides a list of small house dog breeds and some of their traits.
Many people believe that small dogs require minimal upkeep because of their size, and hence require less maintenance. However, that is far from true. Small dogs require as much care and maintenance as large ones, sometimes even more.
Some dogs though small, are difficult to maintain, do not get along with kids, or do not adapt very easily. Hence, not all small breeds are suitable if you have small children or do not have a lot of time to take care of the dog.
Given here is a list of the various types of small house dog breeds. While some may be good with kids, others may not be as great.

Boston Terrier

A Boston Terrier is small, cute, and fun. This breed is good with children. It has minimal grooming requirements except for the occasional brushing. They make for good house dogs, except for the fact that they love chewing on almost anything in sight.
Getting them a chew toy is a good idea to avoid destruction of your furniture and upholstery. It is an active dog breed, so it must get its daily dose of exercise without fail.


Pugs are the perfect dogs for kids, and can easily be left alone with them without worrying too much. They are tiny, playful, loyal, and can be easily trained. They need a lot of attention, and cannot be left alone for too long as they begin to feel lonely. Make sure you fulfill this requirement of theirs to enjoy their company and loyalty.

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu makes for a good apartment dog as its requirement for activity is lesser than other breeds. It is however, not a good choice for a house with very small children, as it can get annoyed if disturbed. You can, however, consider getting one if you have older children around. It doesn't shed much, but it has a thick coat which requires daily grooming.

Bichon Frise

This furry ball of a dog is perfect for apartment living and around children. The Bichon Frise is a sociable dog that enjoys the company of kids, guests, and other pets as well. It requires a daily amount of outdoor activity, though it is an active breed that can survive indoors.
Don't leave this dog alone for too long, as they are likely to suffer from separation anxiety. Although they don't shed, they require regular grooming as their hair can get easily tangled. Although they make for wonderful pets, taking care of them can be a little expensive.


These are very cute dogs that can remain active indoors. However, they do not get along with children who are rough on them, and should not be left alone with kids without the supervision of an adult. If you avoid the long flowing hair growth of this breed and give your dog a puppy cut, it can easily be taken care of on the grooming front too.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie as it is affectionately known, is one of the most popular small dog breeds that people love to bring home as pets. Playful and adventurous is what describes this little dog, and its grooming requirements include daily brushing. They're not great with small children, but get along better with older children who will not tease them.

Japanese Chin

If you are looking for small dogs that don't bark, the Japanese Chin is a perfect choice. However, it is a high-maintenance dog breed that does not appreciate the presence of kids and the noise they make. Moreover, it requires regular brushing and occasional professional grooming, which may prove slightly expensive. It is perfect for senior citizens, requires a lot of attention, and a little daily outdoor activity.


Suited for apartment living, Pomeranian dogs keep themselves active even indoors. They should not be left around younger children as they tend to become nervous in their presence. They will make great companions for the older ones. These are dogs that shed, so they require regular brushing and grooming a couple of times a week.
Some other small dog breeds that make good pets are the Beagle, Papillon, French Bulldog, and the Basset Hound. The temperament of each dog mentioned above is different. Learning more about the type of dog you wish to bring home by means of those who already own small dogs, or from the pet adoption agency is a good idea.