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Letting Your Chinchilla Run Free

Janna Seliger Jul 22, 2020
Here are some tips for chinchilla-proofing your room during playtime. Have a look...
Chinchillas are curious and active creatures. They need time to run outside their cages for both exercise and stimulation. There are basic guidelines that you need to follow in order to ensure that your chin can run around safely. Here are five quick tips that you could use:
1. Make sure all the electrical outlets and cords are secured or put away. This is the easiest way to cook a chinchilla, and I highly doubt that's what you want. At least... it better not be. Eeep!
2. Close off the areas you don't want your chinchilla to have access to, by closing doors and using sheets of cardboard or other chin-safe materials.
3. Pick up things off the floor that you don't want to be chewed upon.
4. If your room is deemed not safe for chinchilla playtime, a bathroom makes an excellent playroom for a chinchilla. Block off the areas such as behind the toilet, so that your chinchilla can't get stuck. Let him hop and run around as his little heart desires.
5. To keep your pet from chewing walls, give it something to chew while outside the cage too. Cardboard, egg cartons, or chin-safe woods would work pretty well.
Remember, even chins need to work out these days, so don't forget to give your chinchilla the playtime it most definitely needs.