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Leaving Your Dog Home Alone

Buzzle Staff Feb 29, 2020
If you are leaving your dog home alone for long periods of time, you may need to consider your options.
The most you can usually leave your dog home alone is around eight hours, or a normal workday. Any longer than that, and you'll need to figure out something to do so your dog can go outside and have some puppy play time. Dogs are social animals, after all, and leaving them alone for long periods of time can have devastating effects. Even though they sleep most of the day, they need some interaction with other living things, as well as potty breaks, throughout the day to keep them happy.

Ask A Friend

If you have a friend who is home during the day, and who likes spending time with dogs, this may be your best bet. Of course, you would want to compensate your friend in some way, but having someone you know come into your house to let your puppy out can be cheaper than hiring someone you don't know.
It can also be safer, as you will know and trust the person entering your house. If you have a friend who is home during the day but who can't make it to your place, or if your friend cannot leave his or her home overnight to stay with your dog, there might be an option to drop the dog off at your friend's house and leave it there for as long as you need.
If your friend is available and willing to take your dog into his or her home for a period of time, you will absolutely want to compensate him or her in some way. However, this can be a great situation, as it allows your friend to stay in the comfort of his or her home, and it gives your dog a change of scenery.
Dogs especially like to switch it up; they don't like to stay in the same place for too long. By giving them a new place to go, you will give your dogs a way to channelize some more energy.

Doggy Daycare

Doggy daycare is a great option for those who do not have a friend or family member available. When you take your dog to a daycare, you pay a fee for the day, and you can sometimes add some services such as grooming, long walks, playtime, agility training, or special treats.
Each of these add-ons generally costs more, but can be extremely fun for your pet. You set up a time with the daycare to drop the dog off and pick it up. After that, you can trust in the daycare to take care of your pet while you are away.
Many daycare places will also keep your pet overnight if you need them to. It's always a good idea to take a look through the daycare before dropping your dog off to be sure that everything is sanitary and that the people working there are good with dogs.

Dog Walker

If daycare isn't an option, you can hire a dog walker. Hiring a dog walker is ideal for people who cannot get to a daycare facility, or for people who aren't gone for that long during the day but who just want their pet to have some extra attention during the day. When hiring a dog walker, it's best to go through an agency.
Be sure to ask them if they do background checks on their employees, and make sure you know who has copies of your keys. You should also be able to ask them for a report on what your pet did while the dog walker was there.