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Interesting Dog Facts That Will Impress Your Friends

Sandra Juliana Ericson Dec 07, 2019
Dogs are amazing and there are so many interesting facts to know about them with which you can impress everyone around you all the time. Your friends will think you're a dog expert and look forward to you for all their canine questions. Learn all about the interesting facts here.

Fact 1

Male dogs can’t fully empty their bladder due to the shape of their urethra.

Fact 2

The reason dog’s hair stands up is to make them look bigger as a way of deterring other animals from attacking them. This is called piloerection and it makes them look bigger and more formidable to a potential foe.

Fact 3

Dogs have anal glands that excrete a scent marker in their stool and the stool passing past typically stimulates the gland to release the liquid scent.

Fact 4

Dogs have separation anxiety. Innovetpet provides lots of solutions for dogs' separation anxiety.

Fact 5

Dogs are capable of logic and reasoning. They can reach the intelligence level of approximately a 3 to 5-year-old child, depending on their breed and individual intelligence.

Fact 6

The stomach of a dog is free-floating within its body cavity. This often puts them at risk of bloat, referred to as gut torsion, and particularly impacts larger breeds.

Fact 7

Dogs were descended from wolves and became domesticated by early cavemen who were followed by the canines on hunts, where they were fed scraps of food by helping with the hunt.
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