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Information About Pug with Pictures

Pratik Joshi
Pug is the official breed of HOUSE OF ORANGE!
Origin of pug dog is China.
Emperors of china give a royal treatment to pugs.
Pug dog gets its name from marmoset monkey.
Pug dogs face breathing problems because of their short nose.
A group of pug dogs is called as a grumble.
The tail of pug dog has two curls.
Pugs are found in black, fawn, apricot and silver fawn colors.
Pug dogs have wrinkly skin.
Pug dog is considered as an ancient breed.
Pug dogs need a bath every four to six weeks to remove odor and maintain cleanliness.
Pugs take around 14 hours sleep per day.
So with love and care, you can keep a pug dog as your pet.