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Information About the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Raksha Kulkarni Mar 6, 2020
The Czechoslovakian wolfdog, a relatively new breed, is an alert, active, and a fearless dog. It is a dog that will fool you to think that it's a wolf with its looks. This story gives you elaborate information about its temperament and other information along with a few pictures.

Did You Know?

Czechoslovakian wolfdogs mature late, almost after 2 years of age.
The Czechoslovakian wolfdog, also known as the Czechoslovakian Vlcak was 'created' in a biological experiment where a dog (German shepherd) was crossed with a wolf (Carpathian wolf) in 1955. In 1965, breeders actually started breeding this breed.
And in 1982, it was known as the national breed. In earlier times, it was bred to assist the border officials and were also used in search and rescue operations. This breed is a pure breed and is recognized by many clubs like AKC, UKC (July 1, 2006), FCI (standard no. 332, group 1, section 1), etc.

Physical Looks

This breed has a strong build and stamina like a wolf and a personality of a German Shepherd. Triangular face, upright ears, and amber-slanting eyes are its characteristic features.
It has black rims near the lips and an oval black nose. The eyes should not be black or dark brown in color, and the ears should be erect with thin fur (thick ears is a fault). Its body frame is rectangular. The coat must cover its whole body and is affected by weather changes.
◾ Size:
➨ Height: There is no maximum height but the minimum in males is 25½ inches; in females, it is at least 23½ inches.
➨ Weight: Males should weigh at least 57 pounds and females at least 44 pounds.
◾ Lifespan: 12 - 16 years.

◾ Colors and patterns: Gray, silver-gray, yellow-gray with a lighter mask.

◾ Shedding: Heavily, twice in a year (Other times, minimal). This breed is odorless and very clean.

Personality Traits

◾ It is very smart, quick, and will love and protect the owner.

◾ It has strong hunting instincts.

◾ It is not a lonely dog and can suffer from separation anxiety.
◾ It is a very independent thinker and will not obey if it sees no point in it.

◾ It is a very active dog and needs excessive physical activities as well as activities that include improving their senses (sniffing). Its senses are stronger, compared to other dog breeds.
◾ It has good sense of direction and can run for far distances.

◾ It is not a barking dog, but expresses itself by other growling sounds.

◾ It plays quite rough as it uses its teeth with other dogs/animals as well as humans.
◾ It is not at all advised for not-so-experienced owners. The owner should be an alpha male of the pack so that it listens and follows the owner. It is very smart, so it learns easily, but it is difficult to train this breed.

Common Health Problems

This is a strong breed and is resistant to health problems. However, it can be prone to hip dysplasia, just as other large breeds. Regular checkups should be done for allergies also. Regular exercise, cleaning, and care will help.

Some Tips if You Buy One

➤ Training a wolfdog is not an easy task. It will lose interest if the same activity is done repeatedly.
Socializing at an early age is a must. Socialize it with small animals so that it wouldn't be aggressive in future.
➤ It is known to be good with children, but it is preferred to get this breed home after your child is born because then it wouldn't have to suddenly adjust to a new member.

➤ Don't expect it to be obedient all the time. It may behave as it pleases. It depends on your training too.
Czechoslovakian wolfdogs will love you and your company, but remember that you have to respect it. You might have to endure some amount of trouble to groom it, but a lot more happiness is guaranteed in return! It is a wonderful breed, so don't give up on it!