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Indoor Dog Kennels

Aparna Jadhav Apr 13, 2020
If you have a dog in your apartment, it's very important to have an indoor kennel for him/her. This story gives more about these kennels and their plans.
Indoor kennels are a necessity for all dog owners as they are the best way to keep your dog safe and warm from the harsh winter months and weather conditions. If your house has less space, setting up this kind of kennel has its own set of problems and difficulties. However, it is a better choice than leaving your dog out in the cold, expecting him/her to guard the house all night. There are many different kennel plans which allow you to keep your pet in the house and also give him/her some personal space.

Efficient Kennels

If you're thinking of buying a new dog and want him/her to have a good living environment till you impart training, an indoor kennel is what you need. This way, you not only ensure that he/she doesn't go tearing the house down, but also gets a comfortable space inside the house while you're out working.

Materials and Sizes

You can have a kennel of any material you like. Some of the cheap ones are made of wires, nylon, plastic, and even synthetic fiber. If your dog is big, heavy, and a good chewer, you can always go for a large wire kennel. This will not only facilitate your dog's spacious accommodation, but will also ensure that he/she doesn't chew it off. If you're a traveler moving houses often and have a small dog, the best choice for you can be a nylon kennel as this has handles on top and can be easily transported.
Plastic ones are a great option for owners with small as well as large dogs. They can be accommodated anywhere in the house and are spacious enough. They also come in various designs as well as colors, and can be matched with your home interiors. There are also those that are made from wood in any style you want.


When you have an indoor kennel, you don't need to chain your dog while you're off to work. Another feature of these is that they can have enough space for the dog to sleep, eat, and also play with any favorite toys while sitting quietly. They come handy with zips and doors to lock the dog inside.
To keep him/her occupied throughout the time that you're out, you can make his/her bed and leave some food, water, and toys so he/she doesn't need anything more.
If your dog is a barker, some kennels also have covers that can be dropped to keep any visual distractions at bay. They are not very expensive and cost from $40 to $100 and more depending on their features.
Indoor dog fences are also one of the major features of these kennel plans. They ensure the safety of your home and kids from a new, untrained dog. They can be made from wires, nylon, and also wood, so that the house belongings are not tampered with when the dog is home alone. As mentioned earlier, these fences also keep the dog from chewing them off if they are made from the right material.
Hence, indoor dog kennels are quite useful for every dog owner as it is also their responsibility to keep their pet safe and happy. They prove to be a good investment.