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How to Train Your Yorkshire Terrier Puppy to Walk Properly

Daniela Carrera Nov 12, 2019
A lot of Yorkie owners face a problem of their puppy pulling and biting the leash while walking along with them. Here's a step by step guide on solving this behavioral problem.

Training Your Yorkie to Walk on a Leash

Introduce your Yorkie to the Leash and let him get comfortable wearing and walking with it. Let him wear the Leash or harness for short periods of time. Make sure to reward your puppy with treats after he gets comfortable with the leash.

Teach Him a Cue Word

Teach your dog to recognize certain words with certain actions. For example, a cue word like "Come" should send a message to your dog to come to you. This makes training a lot easier and you can get quicker results as well.

First Practice Inside the House

It's best to first practice training in the house or in the backyard of your house before going for a walk outside. Practice a few steps in the house and reward your Yorkshire Terrier with treats upon his good walking behaviour.

How to Stop Leash Pulling While Walking

If your pup pulls the leash in the opposite direction, refuse to move and stand still like a tree. Your dog will soon get back to you. Do not jerk the leash or try to drag the dog along with you.

How to Stop Yorkie From Barking While Walking

Some Yorkies have a habit of barking at other dogs or strangers while walking. This behaviour is mostly because of lack of exercise, mental and physical stimulation. Make sure to provide enough amount of exercise to your Yorkshire Terrier puppy.

How to Stop Yorkie from Biting Leash while Walking

Most dogs bite the leash as well before they go for a walk or even while walking. They think it's a game they are playing with their owner. Stay still and Do not Pull the Leash when your Yorkie is biting the leash. This Step by Step Guide can help you better to tackle this behavioural problem in dogs.