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How to Raise Chihuahua Puppies

Maya Pillai Mar 12, 2020
Chihuahua puppies adapt to a new environment very fast. However, proper care should be given to them. This story provides a few tips on how to raise them.
A Chihuahua would be an ideal choice if you want a cute, small breed of a dog to carry around with you. Chihuahua puppies are available in various sizes and colors. These dogs do not require regular strenuous exercise and are very entertaining. They also make good watchdogs. These dogs have a long life expectancy.

Raising A Puppy

Buying a Chihuahua puppy is easy. However, immense care needs to be taken to raise it. Remember, it is very small and tiny even as an adult dog. Due to this, it can get injured or sometimes killed accidentally. For instance, if you have other dogs, it is important to keep an eye on the Chihuahua puppy and separate it from the bigger dogs. Ensure that children do not manhandle it or knock something on it, since, this can cause it serious injuries.
Once you have selected and brought a puppy home, fix an appointment with a good veterinarian. As a puppy, this dog needs to be vaccinated periodically. This is one of the main things to be kept in mind while raising this puppy. Giving right shots of vaccination keeps it healthy and also protects it from a deadly disease known as 'Parvo'.
A Chihuahua puppy is an indoor pet and it has to be potty trained. You should take it outside, to the same area every time, at regular intervals to go potty. Slowly, it will associate this area as a potty and you can also use command words such as 'go potty'. You can treat it to some delicacies if it goes outside.
At night, confine the puppy to a crate layered with old newspapers so that it does not litter the other areas, and slowly, it will learn to control its bowel movements. Remember to take it outside for a potty first thing in the morning.
When the puppy does something good and does not soil the crate, you can appreciate it. If it litters and tears papers, you can reprimand it too. However, never spank or hit a Chihuahua puppy as you may injure it. As a matter of fact, never hit any dog.
You must allow it to socialize with other people, children, and bigger dogs at an early stage. This will help it become less aggressive and it will also become comfortable in the presence of other people.
Never overfeed the puppy as there would arise a problem of obesity, which could eventually lead to diabetes.
A point worth mentioning regarding raising a Chihuahua puppy is that it is viable to cold and fever like human beings during the winter and rainy seasons. Therefore, do not hesitate to get warm clothes and blankets to keep it warm. Chihuahua puppies like to dress up and there is an array of dog clothes to beautify them. There are many pet shops that sell custom dog clothing for small dogs.