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How to Make a Perfect Home for Your New Dog

Nothing is more exciting than bringing a new pet into your life.
Mikkie Mills Nov 01, 2019
Whether it’s a new puppy or an older dog, you know that this new addition will brighten up your life. You hope that you’ll have the same impact on theirs. A move to a new home can be confusing for a pup. It will be an adjustment for everyone involved, but with the right approach, it will be a virtually seamless transition.
So, what are some ways to make a perfect home for your new furry friend?


Dogs, like most people, do best when they have a daily routine. A routine gives the dog predictability. Learning your schedule will give them occasions to look forward to such as your lunch break or evening walks.


If there’s one thing dogs are good at it’s relaxing. They’ll choose a few favorite cozy spots around the house to nap. When it comes to dog bedding there are a variety of options. Most dogs love a nice fluffy bed that they can curl up in, such as a nest bed.
However, if you have an older dog, you might consider getting an orthopedic bed. These beds offer more support, putting less stress on their joints. Although dogs are very social, some dogs gain comfort from the security of a small enclosed space.
Similar to a covered dog bed, a dog teepee is a way to blend your pup’s possessions with your existing decor. Your dog will get some alone time while still having the freedom to come and go as he pleases. Crates, carriers and doggie playpens are other good hideaway options.

Calming Aids

Your new dog might be anxious to be in her new surroundings, so calming aids could be very useful for a while. You might find them to be helpful long-term, if your dog shows signs of separation anxiety or other types of anxiety or fear. One of the most helpful items to relax your pup is a dog anxiety jacket.
This jacket is more like a wrap-around shirt that wraps snugly around her body making her feel cozy and secure (similar to the effects of swaddling a human baby). Giving your dog a piece of clothing, a blanket or soft toy with your scent on it can also ease their mind.
Sometimes soft relaxing music or other audio will calm dogs, especially if they’re home alone. There are even television stations that are made with the canine audience in mind.

Attention and Bonding

Dogs are very social beings, so they need a lot of attention. As pack animals, family bonding is important to them. This goes for their human family, as well as their furry brothers and sisters. Taking walks and playing as a family are great ways to bond. One-on-one interaction is also important.
Even if you’re just laying in front of the television with your dog snuggled against you, the two of you are bonding. Reward-based training is another way of keeping your dog occupied while bonding with him.


Every dog is going to have his or her favorite toy. You’ll probably go through a few toys that the dog doesn’t get attached to before finding “the one”. If you have a puppy, especially one that’s teething, you’ll need a lot of chew toys; you don’t want them resorting to shoes or furniture.
Dogs love soft plush toys to cuddle. Some dogs enjoy balls to chase. A great option for all dogs is toys that stimulate their minds. A tired dog is a well-behaved dog, which means less anxiety for you and your pup. Like humans, dogs get bored. There are many toys designed to keep them entertained.
Puzzle balls are one example. You put treats inside the ball and the ball has to be tossed and tumble just right to dispense a treat. Some of these toys require more work than others to relinquish a treat.
The most valuable thing that you can give your dog is your time. You’ll never find a person who appreciates your attention as enthusiastically as a dog.