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How to Clean a Litter Box

Naomi Sarah Jul 28, 2020
Anyone who owns a pet will need helpful ways on how to keep a litter box mess, bacteria and stench free. Learn about the importance of keeping a litter box clean to promote hygiene in your home...
A litter box is the one thing every cleanliness freak hates in their homes, but of course who can't help but own one if they have pets? Litter boxes can really reek of the worst smells possible, tucked into one area.
The idea here is to know how to clean it, when to do so and how to make it not smell like something died in it. Depending on the size of your pet, the litter tray dimensions will vary. Having slightly bigger litter trays for small to medium-sized animals so that there is no mess made outside it will be actually helpful.
Cats and even dogs will eventually know how to obey their masters and do their business in the litter box only. Some pet owners do not encourage the act of littering in their home, where a lot of dog owners will teach their pets to convey a clear message that they need to do their littering outdoors. That way you keep your home clean and stink free.
For those of us who have no choice but to own a potty box, will need to learn how to clean a litter pan and keep our living spaces breathable and clean.

Best Way to Clean a Litter Box

It can be frustrating to keep a litter pan clean but like most things that are routine in our lives, they must be done. Here's how you can do it without losing your sanity...

How Many Times to Clean a Litter Box?

Every two days is essentially how often you need to clean out your litter pan. Yes, you'll need to slip on those rubber gloves and get to work because if you don't do it immediately - any longer and you'll be handling a ton of mess.
Always tell yourself this chant, 'If I don't clean my pet's litter pan every two days, at some point I'm going to lose it (mentally).' Attending this chore that you have neglected for a while now will be a humongous task as the smell will probably make you black out.
That's what happens - you get busy, you're running around doing your own chores but when it comes to your pet you tell yourself, 'Nah maybe tomorrow.'
Never, ever put off litter tray cleaning time because it can not only create a hoard of mess but make your living space smell like a dumpster piled high with trash. Every two days, 15 - 20 minutes at the most will see to it that your home is clean and litter free.

How to Clean a Litter Box?

Cleaning a litter pan with vinegar may seem like a bright idea to remove the stench, but it will also confuse your pet if that is the spot they should be littering in.
Applying vinegar to an area can force a pet to scram from that spot. It is so strong a smell, that the vinegar overpowers the scent that a pet's territorial waste matter has.
So to clean it with a better solution, opt for ordinary soapy detergent mixed with water, or a cleaning liquid that isn't too acidic based. The best kind to use is one that disinfects the area, without leaving a smell that is too strong for your pet to handle.

What to Put Into a Litter Box?

Line the litter pan with hay, good quality cat/dog litter clumping or newspaper since these reek less than if you were to lay down cloth. Litter can actually be used for any pet, using a reliable brand to lay these out in a litter pan.
It has to be changed frequently where handling soiled litter would be best done with a pair of rubber gloves slipped on first.
Cleaning a litter box as you can see isn't all that hard to do if you know how to tackle a mess on time. Remember that when your home starts to smell, it is because of building waste that needs attention.
Some situations may call for an everyday clean up job depending on how much waste your pet passes in a day. In that case, practicing everyday hygiene is important and cannot be sidestepped. Also remember to ventilate your home to let air pass through and not build-up within closed walls.