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How to Choose the Best Dog Treats

Paisley Hansen Oct 04, 2019
If you own a dog, then no doubt you have spent a lot of time in the dog aisle, looking at the treats. There are so many to choose from that it can be a difficult experience. Here is your guide to dog treats.

Treat Ingredients

Before you choose a treat for your dog, it’s important to check out the ingredient list. The ingredient list presents the ingredient that is most used in the product first.
The first ingredient is by far the most significant. Now, when it comes to quality treats, whole food ingredients are better than fractions. It is better to see wheat than wheat flour.
If your dog has a problem with allergies, you can find dog treats that cater to them. Nowadays, you can find hypoallergenic treats next to the other treats in your local pet store or dog food aisle. Some dogs cannot digest corn, dairy or wheat. Overexposure to certain ingredients can lead to the digestive system reacting negatively.
If your dog suffers from allergies, then you are likely to notice digestive issues, skin irritation, itchiness and ear infections. if you can pinpoint the allergy with the help of a vet, then you can pinpoint which ingredients to avoid.
When it comes to nutrition and ingredients, you can also look at Ultimate Pet Nutrition on Instagram for ideas.

Types of Treats

There are so many different dog treats in the market. For instance, some dogs may love cookie style treats whereas others prefer meaty options. The cookie style or biscuit style treats are made with grains. This category has a wide array of options and some of it does come in grain-free options. This type of treat is similar to dog food.


Meaty treats are derived from animals. Often animal muscle or organ meat ingredients are what you will find. These products may be dry and chewy. If you find wet treats, these usually have humectants. These are substances that help retain moisture in the product.
When it comes to meat based, you may want to choose a treat with the fewest ingredients.

Caloric Content

when it comes to calories, you do want to pay special attention to how much you feed your dog. In the US, about 25 percent of the canine population is overweight. Remember that treats should be treated as such. Just as you would not want to feed your children cookies all of the time, you do not want to overstuff you dog with treats.
You can always check the calories before you purchase the treats. In addition to looking at the label on the treats, you can also keep your dog’s energy level in mind and how easy or difficult it is for your furry friend to lose weight. If your dog is struggling with weight, then you may want lower calorie options or you may need to restrict the treats.

Make Your Dog Happy!

Your dog deserves a treat now and then! You should never be afraid to spoil your dog or offer him or her treats when he or she deserves it. Treats can be a great way to train your dog or to encourage good behavior.
While it’s great to invest in the right kind of treats, you want to make sure that you are finding the right ones for you and your dog.