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How Bad Is Your Dog's Breath?

Possible reasons and solutions for your dog's bad breath.
Mikkie Mills Sep 20, 2019

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Dogs Can’t Brush Or Floss

Dogs, like humans, have lots of bacteria in their mouth. A human can brush his teeth at least twice a day. Between brushing and flossing, you cut down on your plaque buildup between dental visits. Since your dog doesn’t brush or floss between visits, his buildup can turn to other dental problems, such as tartar or gingivitis.

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A Breath Mint?

Your dog is so proud to see you after being home all day alone. So, you kneel to give him a hug, and, “Whew, that breath is kicking!” You would almost believe he has been swimming  in a pond and eating fish. He could definitely use a mint!

Dental Problems

What can one do when dog breath smells like a fish? No, he didn’t get into the cat food. The fish smell could be a sign of dental problems. A dogs dental problems can lead to damage around a tooth, causing it to fall out. Or worse, it can affect major organs.

Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Since animals don’t have equipment like humans to take care of dental hygiene, the bacteria can lead to toxins. These can get into the bloodstream and cause health problems. There are special toothpastes just for dogs. They make dental chews to help with their breath too. Once the dental problems have been solved, the fishy smell should go away.

A Day At The Groomer

A professional groomer starts by combing out any knots in the dog's fur. This makes it easier to get the shampoo to lather and get all parts of his body clean. During the bath, the groomer checks for buildup in the ears and signs of infection. Then, they trim the nails. Dental hygiene is next, the groomer knows how important this is for the dog's health.